2023 Shaw Classic Roster Announced; the Last Contest of Brian Shaw’s Strongman Career

Shaw's retirement show will be the fourth edition of his namesake contest: the 2023 Shaw Classic.

The 2023 Shaw Classic has been officially announced for Aug. 19-20, 2023. With it was the release of the stacked roster of elite strongmen competing in the fourth edition of the contest. On Feb. 27, 2023, four-time World’s Strongest Man (WSM) and namesake of the Shaw Classic Brian Shaw took to his YouTube channel to share the competition details and state that the 2023 Shaw Classic will be the final strongman contest of Shaw’s career.

2023 Shaw Classic Roster

A 16th unnamed athlete was invited to the contest but is not yet confirmed. With difficulty, Shaw expressed that his namesake contest in 2023 would be the final time he steps on the competitive strongman stage:

It’s tough to say those words, “this will be my final time,” but it’s going to be. It’s time to close this chapter of my career.

Check out the full announcement via the video below:

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Boudreault recently shared the news of a shin injury that compelled him to withdraw from the 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic (ASC) and the 2023 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) contest. He informed Shaw that he expects to be recovered and in competition shape by August to perform in the 2023 Shaw Classic.

The events for the 2023 Shaw Classic were not announced in the video above, but Shaw confirmed that he and his team have worked hard on the layout of events to take the competition “to the next level.” The 2022 Shaw Classic introduced the Car Leg Press to the strongman world. We’ll also see if the 2023 edition debuts a new strongman event.

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Shaw Classic Open

In addition to the 2023 Shaw Classic, the Open competition for weight division strongmen and strongwomen will return for the second consecutive year. There will be booths on-site for sponsors, vendors, related businesses in the strength space, and food trucks to give the competition a convention-like atmosphere similar to the Arnold Sports Festival.

The qualification for the Shaw Classic Open contest will be virtual. Prospective competitors must film themselves performing a max circus dumbbell, three-rep max deadlift, and a max farmer’s carry for 25 feet. Submission deadlines are available on the Shaw Classic website: www.theshawclassic.com. Likewise, tickets are still available for spectators who wish to see all the strongman action and Shaw’s competitive send-off live.

Featured image via SHAWSTRENGTH YouTube channel.