Here’s How Much Money Was Won at the 2022 Shaw Classic Strongman Competition

Trey Mitchell took home his second Shaw Classic title, as well as $38,500.

The 2022 Shaw Classic took place in Loveland, CO, on Aug. 13-14, 2022. Trey Mitchell defended his title there, going back-to-back to rack up victories in two of the three Shaw Classic contests that have taken place so far in the history of the sport.

On Aug. 22, 2022, the competition’s namesake and promoter, four-time World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Brian Shaw, took to his YouTube channel to recap the event and disclose the prize purse awarded to the athletes who competed. Check it out below:

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2022 Shaw Classic Prize Breakdown

Below are the rankings of the 15 strongmen who competed at the 2022 Shaw Classic and the prize money they won for their performances:

  1. Trey Mitchell — $38,500
  2. Brian Shaw — $25,000 — Put Back Into Prize Pool
  3. Mitchell Hooper — $23,500
  4. Oleksii Novikov— $16,000
  5. Maxime Boudreault— $13,000
  6. Kevin Faires— $11,500
  7. Aivars Smaukstelis — $10,000
  8. Evan Singleton— $8,500
  9. Konstantine Janashia — $7,000
  10. Žydrūnas Savickas$5,500
  11. Bobby Thompson— $4,000
  12. Gabriel Peña — $3,500
  13. Gabriel Rheaume — $3,000
  14. Jerry Pritchett — $2,500
  15. Luke Stoltman — $2,000

A total of $154,500 was awarded in prize money.

Shaw admitted that he still needs to find a better balance between organizing and promoting a strongman contest that he is also competing in. The balance of participating in the competition as an athlete while ensuring it runs smoothly behind the scenes is no simple task.

That delicate balance was challenged when Luke Stoltman injured his shoulder during the Bag Over Bar event. Shaw was competing in the event against Stoltman, but had to put on his promoter hat while Stoltman laid on the physician’s table to offer Stoltman another attempt should he have been able to continue. Ultimately, Stoltman withdrew.


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The two Open contests were awarded $12,000 in prize money, broken down as follows:

2022 Shaw Classic — Strongwoman Open Prize Breakdown

  1. Victoria Long — $4,000
  2. Olga Liashchuk — $3,000
  3. Cori Butler — $2,000
  4. Nancy Johnson
  5. Samantha Belliveau
  6. Jackie Osczevski
  7. Bailey Deschene
  8. Rebecca Houston
  9. Monica Johnson
  10. Taylor Woods

2022 Shaw Classic — Strongman Open Prize Breakdown

  1. Thomas Evans — $4,000, Invitation to 2023 Shaw Classic
  2. Joey Lavallée — $3,000
  3. Wesley Derwinsky — $2,000
  4. Sean Hayes
  5. Jack Plankers
  6. Austin Andrade
  7. Lucas Nall
  8. Bryce Johnson
  9. Andrew Montoya
  10. Andy Black
  11. Tim Buck
  12. Trevor Siemonsma
  13. Brian Clark
  14. Alex Kelley
  15. Ayyub Mohammad
  16. Joe Stella

The original prize purses totaled $6,000, but Shaw boosted the prize purses by an additional $6,000 to double the winnings of each athlete who reached the podium.

Featured image: @shawstrength on Instagram