From World’s Strongest Alternate to Podium Contender (w/ Gabe Peña)

Today we’re joined (for the second time) by pro strongman Gabe Peña. Gabe has come a long way since we last chatted. In his World’s Strongest Man debut as an alternate, Gabe had to withdraw due to an irregular heartbeat. Now, after an unexpected but very manageable medical diagnosis, Gabe is heading back to WSM, but as a full-fledged competitor (and deadlift record contender). He’s also an accomplished event organizer and recently put on South Texas’ first-ever Pro-Am Strongman Contest.

Gabe Pena BarBend Podcast

On this episode of The BarBend Podcast, host David Tao talks to Gabe Peña about:

  • Kickstarting Gabe’s pro career (2:10)
  • The root issues of Gabe’s strange heart condition (3:00)
  • “I’m not going into [World’s Strongest Man] to do just okay” (8:00)
  • Shocking the world on the hammer hold (11:30)
  • How Gabe is trying to give back to the community (15:20)
  • Reaching new fans and introducing strongman to the masses (18:20)
  • Why mixing pros and amateurs takes competitions to new heights (24:20)

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