Hafthor Bjornsson Talks Improving Circus Dumbbell Lift

The ASC Champ is doing all he can to three-peat in Columbus.

Two-time and defending Arnold Strongman Classic Champion Hafthor Bjornsson has been sharing his training and preparation to win a third straight title in a series of YouTube videos recently on his own channel. While preparing from his own gym in Iceland, he has talked how he plans on improving and being at his best come contest time in Columbus, Ohio.

The video that he published on December 7 covered him working on the Circus Dumbbell as well as stone presses and other assistance work. The Circus Dumbbell is believed to be one of the events that will be announced as a part of the 2020 ASC, but it has yet to be officially confirmed. In the video, Bjornsson talks about the emphasis he had recently be placing on this particular test of strength.

“I’m training Circus Dumbbell twice a week now. Why? Because I feel like I need it. It’s very important for me to get better at the event and you know, get better at the things you train.”

While the competition in Ohio is the primary focus, Bjornsson goes on to talk about another goal he had set for himself. He wants to be the strongest in the world at this event which means taking the current world record.

“Not that I’m bad at it. It’s just, you know, the weights are just that heavy in the competition that I really have to focus on it if I want to even have a shot at pressing the 150 (kg, 330 pounds). That’s the current world record by Mateusz Kieliszkowski. And the reason no one else has done it is because that weight is insane!”

Bjornsson goes on to say that he is having dumbbells made to help him prepare for his goal and he expects to be working towards it over the next 10 weeks. He currently does have the Icelandic record in this event with a completed lift of 124 kg (274 pounds).

As for the training on the day the video was filmed, he talks about the training that he and coach Sebastien Oreb have collaborated on and that he gradually increasing the weight each training session. On this day, he worked his way up to a top set of 90 kg (198 pounds) and completed two reps with his left arm. While he does train on both sides building up to that set, he competes by using his left arm so that is what he works on with the heaviest weight. 

Featured Image: Instagram/thorbjornsson