CrossFit Games Athlete Logan Aldridge to Become Peloton’s First Adaptive Instructor

The distinguished athlete plans to use his new platform to break down barriers while continuing to inspire others to reach their fitness potential.

Peloton — best known for selling exercise bikes and treadmills that play live remote classes to monthly subscribers — announced on Dec. 3, 2021, that adaptive CrossFit athlete Logan Aldridge will serve as the fitness giant’s first adaptive training consultant and future instructor. Aldrige will advise its content team to improve its accessibility measures and soon become an on-camera instructor.

The news comes on the heels of Peloton’s mission to provide a more accessible experience. Thanks to an approach that brings workout routines right to people’s homes, the company has become a staple for many’s fitness in recent years, touting over 6.2 million active people in its user base (as of September 2021). While Peloton has made headway in the home-fitness space, there’s more work to do, the company says, to make its product more inclusive of everyone’s abilities. That’s where Aldridge comes in.


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“Creating accessible fitness solutions for all abilities and empowering people to pursue their potential has been my primary focus since my arm was amputated at the age of 13,” Aldridge wrote in the Instagram post above. “Now, I have the opportunity to join the community that has created the most immersive and accessible fitness experience for their members, expanding their offerings to all people of all abilities.”

About Logan Aldridge 

After losing most of his left arm following a wakeboarding accident as a teenager, Aldridge made it his mission to be a champion for amputees and other adaptive athletes worldwide. In addition to being an active CrossFit® competitor, Aldridge is the Co-Founder and Director of the Adaptive Training Academy, which places a premium on coaching and training adaptive athletes. He also played a significant role in assisting CrossFit to introduce Adaptive Divisions to the 2021 CrossFit season (both the Open and Games).

Aldridge is passionate about educating others facing similar circumstances while showing them there doesn’t have to be any limitations on what they can accomplish. By and large, he hasn’t let that one unfortunate moment of his life be an anchor on any of his dreams. Instead, he’s devoted himself to a life of perseverance through fitness and became an adaptive athlete pioneer and advocate in the process.

“I don’t see myself as having a disability — I see this as an ability,” he told Peloton.


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Aldridge has racked up some impressive feats of strength and accomplishments as an athlete. He recently hit two personal records: A clean & jerk of 225 pounds at the 2021 Bacon Beatdown and a 502-pound deadlift at the 2021 CrossFit Games. At the Games, Aldridge placed third in the Men’s Upper Extremity division, behind Josue Maldonado and division winner Casey Acree. Thanks to incredible feats of strength and accomplishments like these, he’s been appropriately coined the “Fittest One-Arm Man on Earth.”

An influential platform with Peloton could be the next impactful step forward for Aldridge and adaptive athletes everywhere.

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