Adaptive Athlete Logan Aldridge Scores Huge 225-Pound Clean & Jerk PR

The energy at The Bacon Beatdown was electric as Aldridge hit his heaviest ever clean & jerk.

The 2021 Bacon Beatdown competition took place at the Daytona Beach Ocean Center in Daytona, FL, on June 18-20. In the Adaptive Upper Extremity Rx’d Male division, Logan Aldridge managed to hit a clean & jerk personal record of 225 pounds (102.1-kilograms) during the Hold ‘Em event, which consisted of the following:

Hold ‘Em Event at 2021 Bacon Beatdown

  • One-rep max — clean & jerk

Time cap: five minutes

Aldridge won this event en route to an overall runner-up finish. Check out his clean & jerk PR below, courtesy of Aldridge’s Instagram page:


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The caption of Aldrige’s Instagram post sharing his clean & jerk PR was filled with humility:

I’m honored to be a small part in showing others we are all far more capable than we know.

Aldridge hit the milestone 200-pound clean & jerk in 2019. He has put a lot of focus towards further improving that lift over the past two years and it has served him well. With this PR out of the way, he has his sights set on hitting 250 pounds.

Here were the final standings from the Upper Extremity division from the competition:

2021 Bacon Beatdown Final Standings

Note: the lower the score the better

  1. Josue Maldonado — Seven points
  2. Logan Aldridge — 12 points
  3. Lenny Vallecillo — 17 points
  4. Steven Walker — 26 points
  5. Victor Assaf — 27 points

Maldonado won five out of six events. His only blemish was a runner-up finish to Aldridge on the Hold ‘Em event. Here was Aldridge’s performance in each event of the competition:

Logan Aldridge’s Bacon Beatdown Performance

  • Slow Burn — Second place
  • Full Tilt — Third place
  • Hold ‘Em — First place
  • Maelstrom — Second place
  • Prime — Second place
  • Sunset — Second place


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A post shared by Logan Aldridge (@aldridgelogan)

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2021 CrossFit Games

The 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games will include Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, and Neuromuscular divisions. The top five men and top five women from the 2021 CrossFit Open in each of those Adaptive divisions received invitations to the Games. Aldrige was fourth overall in the Open and will travel to Madison, WI to compete against Casey Acree, Josue Maldonado, Victor Castro, and Xabier Osa Mentes from July 15 through Aug. 1, 2021.

Feature image: @aldridgelogan on Instagram via @lamanning03