Watch the Trailer for History Channel’s “The Strongest Man in History” With Eddie Hall and Brian Shaw

'The Strongest Man in History' will air on the History Channel on July 10th.

Who is the strongest man in history? On July 10th, the History Channel will air a new nonfiction series, ‘The Strongest Man in History,’ which will feature four of the world’s strongest men. The four strongmen featured in the show are:

These strongmen will take a journey back in time to not only immerse themselves in the history of strength, but also challenge some of the longest standing records. (Plenty of the records are so old and/or unsubstantiated that it’s fair to say a lot of them are unofficial — but it’ll still be fun to see them try and challenge ’em.)

The idea of the series is both a testament to the incredible feats of strength in the past, but also offers an opportunity for Shaw, Hall, Oberst, and Best to compete alongside and against one another — and to have fun while they’re at it.

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It is a seven-episode season and expect so see some insane acts of strength like pulling a Viking warship, running with a piano strapped to the back, and lifting 2,700 pounds of human beings.

The show will air less than a month after the 2019 World’s Strongest Man competition which wrapped up on Sunday, June 16th in Bradenton, Florida.

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In the series, expect to see the athletes travel all over the world to different destinations every week. At each location they will examine some of the biggest feats of strength in history and attempt some of them themselves in an effort to see just how likely it is that they actually occurred. There will also be guest appearances from other athletes, such as Olympic gold medalist weightlifter Paul Anderson.

The four strongmen have been posting snippets of the of what’s to come, including some comical outtakes like Shaw and Hall pantsing each other.

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With humor, grit, and paying respect to the history of strength, we can’t wait to see if they manage to topple any of these unofficial records.

Feature image from History Channel’s YouTube channel.