Gabi Dixson Sets Dinnie Stone World Record Hold of 6.89 Seconds

Dixson set her second world record at the 2023 Rogue Record Breakers event in the Dinnie Stones.

The 2023 Rogue Record Breakers (RRB) event already saw multiple world records fall by the afternoon in Columbus, OH, on March 5, 2023. Trey Mitchell and Gabi Dixson scored respective Thor’s Hammer hold world records in the morning, and then Dixson returned in the Dinnie Stone hold and broke that record as well.

2023 Rogue Record Breakers — Dinnie Stone Hold 

  • Nadia Stowers — 5.69 seconds
  • Gabi Dixson — 6.86 seconds — New World Record

Dixson shattered the previous world record in the Dinnie Stone hold by more than five seconds after Nadia Stowers broke the record just moments before. The world record entering the event was Chloe Brennen‘s 1.33 seconds from one year prior. That meant that the expectation was effectively just locking the stones out, as 1.33 seconds is more or less enough time to secure the lift to a judge’s confirmation.

Dixson set the mark at 6.86 seconds. Check out the RRB event in the video below, courtesy of the Rogue Fitness YouTube channel:

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The Dinnie Stones are a pair of unevenly weighted stones with thin rings attached to them that carve up an athlete’s grip due to the sheer weight of each stone. Weighing a total of 734 pounds, Dixson and Stowers each assumed a Jefferson deadlift position and hoisted the stones.
Stowers was unable to compete in the 2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic won by Victoria Long, who swept three events on day two of the competition to ascend the podium. Still, Stowers did attempt to win $5,000 for setting a new world record. Her bank account was momentarily larger as he broke Brennan’s record by over four seconds during her attempt. However, it was just over a second too short of what Dixson accomplished after performing a world-record static front hold earlier in the morning.

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