2021 Rogue Record Breakers Announces Online Qualifier and Events

Anyone can register for a shot to compete on at the Rogue Record Breakers event in October 2021.

Hopefully, you have kept up your strongman training. The 2021 Rogue Record Breakers (RRB) event — where athletes attempt to set world records in various strongman events — will host an online qualifier that anyone (age 14 and over) can enter. The winners will receive a total of three credentials (their own plus two general admission passes for family/guests/etc.) to the third annual Rogue Invitational held from Oct. 29 through 31, 2021, at the Dell Diamond stadium in Austin, TX.

This year’s Rogue Invitational will feature a strongman competition for the first time. Prospective athletes for the RRB will be able to sign up to compete in the following events:

2021 Rogue Record Breaker Events

The qualifier began on July 20, 2021, at 3 p.m. EST and will close on Sept. 19, 2021, at 8 p.m. EST.


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2021 Rogue Record Breakers

There are movement standards available for each event that athletes must follow for their submission to be counted.

Rigoulot One-Hand Snatch

This one-hand snatch event will use a Rigoulot barbell — a nonrotating barbell with a sphere on each end (very similar to a circus barbell). The world record attempt at RRB will be 115.2 kilograms (254 pounds) — the world record standard is currently 114.8 kilograms (253 pounds).

To be eligible, all athlete submissions for the qualifier must use a minimum of 90 kilograms (198.4 pounds) using a standard 20-kilogram (44.1-pound) Olympic barbell. Each submission should only be the highest successfully lifted weight.

The event is named after French weightlifter Charles Rigoulot. He won gold at the 1924 Paris Olympic Games in the 82.5-kilogram weight class. 

Anvil Grip Lift

The aim of this event is to lift the maximum weight possible with one hand using a Rogue Anvil Grip — a cone-shaped implement that “measures three inches in diameter minimum at its thickest point and 1.5 inches maximum at its thinnest point.” Athletes can also use a blacksmith’s anvil or another implement that meets the required dimension criteria.

To be eligible for this event, the minimum weight required for male athletes is 73.7 kilograms (162.5 pounds) and 44.2 kilograms (97.5 pounds) for female athletes.

Both the male and female world records in this event were scored in 2020. Eric Dawson lifted 108.9 kilograms (240 pounds), and Sarah Chappelow lifted 77.1 kilograms (170 pounds).


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Women’s Bag Over Bar

This is a female-only event challenge where participating athletes attempt to lift the heaviest bag possible over a 15-foot bar. The minimum weight for eligibility is 11.3 kilograms (25 pounds). Athletes can throw either a bag or a kettlebell. The current world record is an 18.1-kilogram (40-pound) bag scored by Hannah Linzay in 2020.

Raw Repetition Deadlift

For the raw repetition deadlift, athletes attempt to score as many reps as possible in two minutes with the following weight:

  • Women — 102 kilograms (225 pounds)
  • Men — 143 kilograms (315 pounds)

Both current world records were scored in 2020: Carolyne Prevost scored 62 reps for the women’s record, and Austin Malleolo performed 61 reps for the men’s record.

Men’s Rogue Replica Dinnie Stone Hold

Per Rogue, the “Dinnie Stones are located in Potarch, Scotland… and have a combined weight of 337 kilograms (743 pounds).” They are named after Scottish Strongman Donald Dinnie after he carried the stones just over 17 feet barehanded across the Potarch Bridge. As for the replica stones that will be used for this event:

The replica stones used in this event were made for Gordon Dinnie, a kinsman of Donald Dinnie.

Since not every athlete will have replica Dinnie Stones at their disposal, athletes can use any implement they like with the following eligibility weight standards:

  • Implement one can range from 145.2 kilograms (320 pounds) to 147.2 kilograms (325 pounds).
  • Implement two can range from 190.5 kilograms (420 pounds) to 192.8 kilograms (425 pounds).

Athletes must lift the weight in a “split jerk” position, which makes the lift functionally similar to a Jefferson deadlift or Jefferson squat.

The goal of the event is a max hold with the combined 337.5-kilogram (744-pound) stones. Strongman Mark Felix currently holds the record time of 31.4 seconds.

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Overhead Wooden Log Lift

This is the classic max log lift using a wooden log with a 12-inch diameter. The minimum weight requirements are 205 kilograms (451.9 pounds)* for men and 115 kilograms (253.5 pounds) for women.

The current world record is the 228-kilogram (502.6-pound) lift in 2015 by four-time World’s Strongest Man (WSM) champion Žydrūnas Savickas. The current women’s world record is held by strongwoman Andrea Thompson. She lifted 135 kilograms (297.6 pounds) in the World’s Ultimate Strongman (WUS) “Feats of Strength” series.

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Women’s Elephant Bar Deadlift

This event is a max deadlift event utilizing the 10-foot long Rogue Elephant barbell. The current world record of 281.7 kilograms (621 pounds) was scored by Andrea Thompson in 2020.

The minimum eligible weight for submission is 205 kilograms (451.9 pounds)*.

Women’s Monster Dumbbell Press

The monster dumbbell is a single max-rep overhead dumbbell press. The minimum eligibility requirement is 68 kilograms (149.9 pounds). Kristin Rhodes and Donna Moore share the current world record. They both successfully pressed 81.6 kilograms (180 pounds) in 2020.

Records Don’t Bend, They Break

Registration for the online qualifier is currently open at roguefitness.com/record-breakers. Athletes can submit for as many events as they like. The submission fee for each event is $20. We’ll see if any elite-level strongman athletes who have been hiding their world-record potential from the limelight will step forward and claim what’s theirs on Oct. 29 through 31, 2021, in the lone star state.

*Rogue has 205 kilograms (450 pounds) listed as the minimum eligibility requirement. However, 205 kilograms is 451.9 pounds. 450 pounds is 204.1 kilograms.

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