Donna Moore Increases Her Atlas Stone World Record to 171 Kilograms

It’s an increase of almost 10 kg.

Three time World’s Strongest Woman Donna Moore added to her current world record in the Atlas Stone by lifting a 171 kg (377 pound) stone over the 48 inch platform. Her record setting attempt was accomplished on September 27th as a part of the third episode of Season 2 of the World’s Ultimate Strongman “Feats of Strength” online series. The event was live streamed on CoreSports and the Rogue Fitness YouTube channel.

The 40 year old UK native performed the feat in the Stoltman Brothers’ gym in Scotland. Tom Stoltman was originally scheduled to attempt adding on to his own world record in the same event, but withdrew due to a potential biceps injury. Tom’s brother Luke Stoltman served as an assistant to Moore while she was preparing for her attempt. Her new record is an increase of 9.5 kg from her previous record of 161.5 kg (356 pounds), which she set in 2017.

Moore began the day by warming up with a 100 kg (220 pound) stone, which went over very easily. She followed that up with a 120 kg (264 pound) lift as well as a 160 kg (352.8 pound) pickup. She opted to not complete the 160 kg lift to conserve energy for the record setting attempt.

She was originally supposed to lift a 170 kg stone, but the stone weighed in 1 kg heavy. She decided to use it anyway. While the strongwoman known as “The Queen of the Stones” already owned this record, this latest lift may put it out of reach for quite some time. She also owns the world record for this same event without tacky. That record sits at 147.5 kg (325 pounds). She did use tacky in this particular event.

The next World’s Strongest Woman contest was in her plans but it has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So her next scheduled contest will be the 2021 Arnold Pro Strongwoman contest. She did say in her post-event interview that she might take on another contest if it “tickles her fancy”.

The next WUS Feats of Strength event will take place on October 4th. The featured athlete is another elite strongwoman, Andrea Thompson, who will attempt to break the women’s world record in the deadlift.

Featured Image: Rogue Fitness on YouTube