Donna Moore Wins the 2016 World’s Strongest Woman Contest

British strongwoman Donna Moore has emerged victorious in the first (officially of that title) World’s Strongest Woman contest since 2003.

Though American Kristin Rhodes won the first two events, but Moore won overall after 5 events, including a dominating performance on the Atlas Stones, the competition’s final phase. She was the only competitor to finish the fifth and final stone, which weighed in at 140kg/308 pounds.

Moore also holds the World Record for heaviest stone ever loaded by a female athlete at 148.9kg.

The final top 5 placements, as reported on Starting Strongman.

1. Donna Moore
2. Lidia Gynko
3. Olga Liashchuk
4. Kristin Rhodes
5. Anna Harjapaa

Below is a video posted on Facebook of Moore winning her heat in the yoke walk. (Rhodes won the event overall in 9:57, ahead of Moore’s 10:30.)

It’s a crowning achievement in Moore’s career, though we hope to see her competing at the sport’s highest level for many years to come.

Featured image: @donna_moore_strongwoman on Instagram

David Tao

David Tao

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