How Playing Pro Hockey Prepared Carolyne Prevost For Her First CrossFit Games

Carolyne Prevost is headed to the CrossFit Games for the first time since getting involved in 2013.

Carolyne Prevost could have put her head down after she found out she didn’t make the 2014 Winter Olympic women’s hockey team for Canada, but rather she channeled her competitiveness and set new goals.

In April, 2013 after finding out that she wouldn’t be going to Sochi, Russia to represent her country, Prevost found CrossFit. For her, the sport was a new and exciting outlet where she could be competitive and push herself athletically to new heights.

“I love the variety in CrossFit,” Prevost told BarBend. “I grew up playing so many sports and never specialized in anything. So the idea of being fit in everything was really appealing to me. I loved the concept of fitness and really was striving to improve every aspect of my fitness. CrossFit is always challenging and you aways have stuff to work on, I love it!

Prevost isn’t giving herself enough credit here. She not only is a current professional hockey player for Canada Women’s Hockey League’s (CWHL) Toronto Furies, but has also competed as a premier soccer player in Toronto, and has represented Canada on National teams in both hockey and taekwondo.

Since first getting involved in CrossFit, Prevost has competed as a Regional athlete. This year however, she finished in 14th place overall in the Open and punched her first-ever individual ticket to the CrossFit Games.

Before the Games this summer, Prevost will get one more chance to compete. This time, however she will be representing Team CrossFit Mayhem Independence. After Elly Kabboord tested positive for a banned substance, Prevost was called in as a replacement athlete to represent Mayhem Independence this upcoming weekend at the French Throwdown.

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Prevost has a lot on her plate, from professional hockey duties, being a high school teacher, and also an elite CrossFit athlete. The natural question here is, how does she do it all?

“I’ve been juggling sports and school my whole life,” Prevost said. “So it’s nothing new to me. I understand how much time each takes in my day and prioritize that day around what needs to be done. I have work in the morning and after work I like to take a brief 20-30 minute nap before switching over to my physical jobs like CrossFit and hockey. It’s a busy schedule, but I’m doing what I love.

Since incorporating CrossFit into her training, Prevost said she has seen it improve her hockey career. And in the reverse as well: hockey has helped her with CrossFit.

“In hockey I find that I am able to recover faster between shifts and get less fatigued throughout the game,” Prevost said in response to how CrossFit has helped her with hockey. “I am also a lot stronger on the ice than ever before. I find hockey helps me in CrossFit with the lower body anaerobic workouts. I’m used to feeling that lactic acid in my legs and pushing through that.”

With the 2019 CrossFit Games just around the corner, Prevost can’t wait to make a statement in her first-ever Games appearance. “I’m excited about the whole experience and competing against some girls I’ve looked up to since I first started CrossFit.” The Games begin on August 1st in Madison, Wisconsin, and run through August 4th.

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“I’m preparing hard to have a good showing at the Games and make a splash in my first year there.”

Featured image from @cprevost27 Instagram page.