Watch Sean Green Jefferson Deadlift 906 lbs, the New Heaviest Ever!

Is there anyone who can top Sean Green's 906lb Jefferson deadlift?

The title for the heaviest ever Jefferson deadlift has changed hands! Powerlifter Sean Green shared on his Instagram page an unprecedented 906lb Jefferson deadlift, becoming the first ever athlete to eclipse 900lb.

Check it out:

In his post, Green tagged powerlifters like Tom Cruise and Kevin Oak after writing:

It’s on now time to get “serious”.

Challenge issued.

It was just a few days ago that we covered the previous heaviest ever Jefferson deadlifts. According to Massenomics, the previous heaviest ever Jefferson deadlift was a full 94lbs lighter! 

Despite being nearly twelve percent less weight, an 810lb Jefferson deadlift is obviously still impressive. If you have not yet seen it for yourself, here it is from powerlifter Steve Johnson’s Instagram page:

After learning of Green’s 906lb lift claiming the crown, Johnson immediately understood what he needed to do. He took to his Instagram story and posed a question to his followers:

How should I beat [Sean Green] at the Jefferson deadlift again?


The two options offered were “910×1” and “900×2 or 3”. Further in his Instagram story, Johnson reposted Green’s new record deadlift surrounded by snooze emojis. At the time of writing this, the current poll is 54% for “910×1” versus 46% for “900×2 or 3”. It seems as though the majority are more interested in the all time heaviest single lift more than multiple reps at the 900lb milestone.

Looking Forward

The history of the heaviest Jefferson deadlift may still need official verification, but right now the crown sits atop Sean Green’s head. We know Steve Johnson is already aiming for a new record and Eric Bugenhagen can’t be counted out…yet, but what other athletes might step up to (or over) the bar to claim the throne? Tom Cruise? Kevin Oak? A different powerlifter yet to be named?

We don’t know for sure, but we will be watching.

Feature image from Sean Green (@seandgreen23), Steve Johnson (@forsakenwarrior), and Eric Bugenhagen (@rikbugez) Instagram pages.

Jefferson Deadlift FAQs

Who unofficially holds the Jefferson Deadlift Record?

Currently, it’s thought that Sean Green holds the current unofficial Jefferson deadlift record at 906 lbs. However, the Jefferson deadlift is not a traditional competition lift, so this record is not confirmed by a governing body.