Mat Fraser and The Buttery Bros Go Full Bodybuilder For a Back and Biceps Gym Day

T-shirts are getting tight as Fraser and the Buttery Bros work on their biceps peaks.

Since retiring from competitive CrossFit, five-time Fittest Man on Earth® Mat Fraser‘s lifestyle has gotten a bit more spice added to it. Gone are the days of waking up to train, eat, sleep, repeat. These days, Fraser has a podcast with CrossFit Games veteran Josh Bridges and Sevan Matossian, programs his Hard Work Pays Off (HWPO) training, wrote a book with Spenser Mestel, and has a supplement line called Podium with the Buttery Bros, Heber Canon and Marston Sawyers, that released to GNC stores nationwide in September 2021.

Despite the busy schedule, Fraser still gets up at the crack of dawn to make moves in his new home gym. However, rather than bust out a variety of CrossFit WODs, the five-time CrossFit Games champ and his crew decided to train like bodybuilders. Check out the video below, courtesy of Fraser’s YouTube channel, wherein he and his team smash a massive arm pump day in the gym to add some size and density to their arms, shoulders, and backs.

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Train Like a Buttery Champion

The day started off at 6 a.m., grabbing a whiteboard, and listing all the movements on the agenda for the training session. Movements included:

Fraser announced that he was dealing with some forearm issues and would forego the hammer curls, but the pump kicked off hot with cable curls as Fraser’s vascularity filled the camera’s frame. He invoked three-time Mr. Olympia runner-up Kai Greene‘s name:

Kai Greene. Come train with me, dude.

Although not clear in the video editing, it appears sufficient breaks were taken between exercises. During one of those breaks, Fraser expressed his disdain for sleeping and showering because he considers them “such a waste of time.”


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Following the completion of their back and biceps session, Fraser and his crew grabbed some breakfast consisting of broccoli and bacon frittatas to refuel. We’ll see if training like a bodybuilder becomes a habitual routine for Fraser and how much mass he decides to pack on.

Featured image: @mathewfras on Instagram | photo via Eric Castaños (@Eric_castanos on Instagram)