Powerlifter Adrian Larsen Bench Presses Motorcycle With a Passenger on Top

Adrian Larsen is a bench press specialist, and he’s become one of the powerlifting world’s best raw benchers without the use of leg drive. (Larsen was born with a condition that limited the use of his legs, so he presses with them straight out off the ground.) Now, Larsen — who routinely benches close to 600 pounds raw — has performed his most eye-popping feat yet: Bench pressing a motorcycle with a passenger on board.

Check it out below. The lift was performed at Ironside Training in Portland. According to an Instagram post from the gym, the bike + rider combo weighed in excess of 650 pounds. Technically, this movement is a floor press, as the ground limits the lifter’s range of motion in relation to the chest. 

But whether or not you want to argue details, the whole thing is incredibly impressive. Kudos to the spotters for their role in this as well.

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Here’s another angle of the lift, this one posted by Mikala Young (the woman on top of the bike during Larsen’s press).

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Featured image: @larsenpress on Instagram