Dave Castro Releases New CrossFit® Games Regionals Event: It’s a Bench Press

A CrossFit® Games Regionals first.

To some degree, we feel like everyone assumed it was just a matter of time until the bench press found its way into a CrossFit event or workout. Dave Castro thrives on trying to surprise CrossFit athletes and the community with twists and turns to keep things fresh.

In a recent Instagram post that wasn’t so much a hint – as just a straight forward heads up – Castro dropped the bench press bomb.

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The bench press making its way into the formalized CrossFit Games Regionals workout format is a first for the sport, and now the question remains: How is Castro going to use it? In Castro’s description he simply writes, “Are you excited to see this at Regionals?”


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In the comments section there’s a raging back and forth from all athletes saying things like, “Just no”, “It’s about time”, and multiple debates on why the bench press is going to be hard to perform with strict judging standards and so forth. Although, from the looks of it, a majority of comments are pro bench press (powerlifters rejoice?).

It’s really tough to say how the bench will be used either way, as we don’t know how Castro plans to use this workout modality just yet. Some athletes are speculating a 1-RM test, and some are suggesting it’s going to be used in a workout like Linda, which includes a bodyweight bench press.

Regardless, we’re not going to know until Castro drops the official workout in the next couple weeks, so we can speculate all we want. Last year, a few athlete encountered issues with the ring dips and straining/tearing their pecs, and while the bench and ring dips are unrelated, we’re guessing the bench press will be used [somewhat] sparingly to avoid potential issues with injuries like these.

Then again, there’s no predicting Castro.

Feature image from @thedavecastro Instagram page.