Would You Buy One of the New CrossFit® Saddleback Bags?

CrossFit HQ recently announced their partnership with Saddleback Leather Co. to create a new line of CrossFit®-branded leather bags. Saddleback Leather Co. design their products around the use of genuine leather and have a line composed of multiple bag styles, wallets, and other leather oriented products. CrossFit’s new bags appear to be similar to models Saddleback already produce, but with the CrossFit branding imprinted on the side.

Check out the Instagram post below shared from Saddleback Bags that features a quote from Greg Glassman (Founder of CrossFit), along with multiple pictures of what the bag line will look like.

In their Instagram post’s description, Saddleback Bags writes, “When it comes to brand association, the litmus test is CrossFit because CrossFit is the best physical fitness program on earth. And Saddleback Leather is the best in leather on earth. The universe demands value and quality and Saddleback Leather should be discovered. Everyone should know about it.” – Greg Glassman, Founder of CrossFit

The CrossFit Leather Waterbag retails at $875.00, and the CrossFit Thin Leather Briefcase is $579.00. The branding is minimal, so the prices don’t vary from the original bags too much. Another unique characteristic to note about Saddleback Bags is that they offer a 100-year warranty on their products.

If you’re already a fan of Saddleback Bags, then this partnership may not come as a shock to you. Up until the end of August, Saddbleback Leather Co. were giving out complimentary 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games wallets with every $250+ purchase.

CrossFit HQ employee Tommy Marquez also posted about the partnership on Instagram. In his post’s description he writes, “CrossFit & Saddleback Leather are very different companies in terms of product, but are strikingly similar in terms of our philosophies, approach, and commitment to how we operate. CrossFit isn’t just about selling a workout plan, it’s about improving the world through optimum fitness and reversing the chronic disease that plagues our society.”

“Saddleback isn’t about just selling bags, it’s about the art, craftsmanship, and virtuosity of creating something that is of the highest quality & will accompany you for the ENTIRETY of your life’s journey. Both companies have a higher purpose and I’m proud that we’re working together.”

CrossFit and Saddleback Leather Co. have yet to announce their official release date, but it’s pretty clear what we can expect from their partnership.

Feature image from @saddlebackbags Instagram page.