Inspiring Masters Lifters from Powerlifting Worlds

Whether you’re 23 or 73, when it comes to powerlifting, all that matters is the number on the bar. The 2016 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships are currently going on in Killeen, Texas, and Sub-Junior, Junior, Open, and Masters powerlifters from all over the world are there to squeeze into a singlet and break some records.

While we expect to see records fall across all weight classes and age groups, one of our favorite parts about watching major competitions is seeing the Masters athletes kick ass. We all want to train as long as possible, and it gives us hope to see athletes like 70 year old Crayton Taylor pull a 230kg/507.1lb deadlift.

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The best part about Taylor’s deadlift is that after he breaks a world record, he just saunters off the platform like breaking records is a typical thing he does right before lunch. Pull 500lbs, get a ham sandwich. All in a day’s work.

On the other side of the emotional spectrum, we saw 57 year old David Ricks break not only the Masters world squat record, but the 93kg Open world squat record as well. Psyching himself up before the lift even begins, Ricks successfully squatted 310kg/685lbs, and his reaction was gold.

The Master’s ladies also did not disappoint. Linda Rousseau, Masters 3 lifter and a grandmother to four girls, successfully squatted 110kg/242lbs in the 84kg weight class. Rousseau has been powerlifting since 2012, and got into the sport after the tragic death of her son. She proves that it’s never too late to find something you love and to let it help you back up after life knocks you down.

And then there’s Lynda Banks, the 63kg lifter from Scotland. The 51 year old needed to hit a personal best to snag the overall Bronze medal, so she did what any great competitor does and went for it. Banks put 150kg/330.7lb on the bar and then fought hard for the lift.  Huzzah!


The 2016 IPF Worlds continue until June 26. Keep up with all the action and watch the live stream here!