Jezza Uepa Squats 455kg/1,003lbs for a New RAW World Record!

We’ll clarify this from the start: While Ray Williams was the first person to squat over 1,000 pounds raw, without wraps in USAPL competition, his massive and historic squat didn’t set a world record because it wasn’t done in international competition.

Earlier today, Nauru’s Jezza Uepa squatted 455kg raw (without wraps) at the sia/Oceania Classic Powerlifting & Bench Press Championship in Christchurch, New Zealand, making him the first to set an IPF World Record squat over 1,000 pounds. Check out the video of his successful attempt below.

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Uepa finished 5 for 9 on the day with a 262.5kg bench and 305kg deadlift for a 1,022.5kg raw total. He actually attempted 460kg on his third attempt squat and had a close miss (see below).

Uepa made internet waves a few weeks ago when he started a new Instagram account and began posting massive training PRs, including a ridiculous 470kg back squat.

We look forward to some epic battles between Uepa and Ray Williams in the years to come. A ridiculous but true fact: There are currently TWO IPF lifters squatting over 1,000 pounds raw. Expect these records to tick up and up over the next few seasons of powerlifting competition.

Featured image: @theipf on Instagram