Leanna Carr Has Powerful Message on Fitness, Periods, and Reproductive Health

Sometimes, fitness, strength, and health don’t all seem to go hand in hand. At least, that’s what powerlifter and pro figure competitor Leanna Carr wants to remind the world — especially her 109,000+ Instagram followers.

In a recent Instagram post (embedded below), Carr discusses subjects often (and unnecessarily) considered taboo in some strength training circles; namely periods and balancing fitness goals with female reproductive health. The Buford, Georgia native has found success across two sports — powerlifting and figure competition — where competitors often cut weight (sometimes to extreme degrees) to make a certain weight class or show optimal muscle definition.

While Carr acknowledges that’s a personal choice and often part of the game, she’s also reminding people that it’s never an easy calculus to weigh — and sometimes, it might just not be worth it. She says this is especially true for women who are missing periods/losing reproductive function due to the stresses of weight cuts and caloric deficits.

Carr is prolific on social media, and her training is interesting to follow for its focus on balancing strength with aesthetics. She’s also one of the minds behind Iron Woman, a community-based powerlifting resource for women looking to get stronger and/or compete in the sport.

Some of what Carr wrote in her post is bound to raise a few eyebrows, and it’s tough to apply blanket statements to any one person’s fitness journey, male or female. (Though Carr does a pretty admirable job pointing out these are personal decisions and choices she herself has made, for better or for worse.)

The most powerful part of her message?

“Health > shreds, wilks, PR’s, plastic trophies”

Full post embedded below:

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