NOBULL Project Announces Throwback Weightlifting Shoe

Launched a bit over a year and a half ago, NOBULL has become a popular shoe alternative among CrossFitters — a hip, third option behind Reebok’s Nanos (now in their sixth iteration) and Nike’s Metcons (now in their second). Based out of Massachusetts, NOBULL produces a very limited number of models in limited-release styles. But the construction of the shoes is basically all the same across two models: One with a single piece of SuperFabric for its upper construction, one a canvas trainer in standard or high-top models.

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UPDATE: We finally know what the finished shoe looks like!

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NOBULL athlete Jared Stevens also posted this smartphone “flyover” video of the lifters on his Instagram account.

The company is dipping its toe into the world of weightlifting shoes with a “small batch,” leather-heeled lifter. Two teaser posts from their Instagram account are below.

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Because of limited quantity, the company is instituting a lottery where folks need to enter their contact information to be notified when it opens. (The lifter lottery is now open here.)

Of course, this could have less to do with production capacity and more to do with savvy marketing: NOBULL is known for announcing releases online and only selling small quantities of certain styles. It’s a way to keep their audience engaged and demand high while bolstering the “cool” factor but more than a couple points.

From the sneak peak photos, the lifter looks to have a layered leather heel — definitely looks like a throwback to weightlifting shoes of decades prior. But unlike originally thought, the heel is made of STACKED LEATHER, not wood. From their website:

The Lifter’s stacked leather heel consists of individually cut layers, bonded, waxed, finished and buffed for smooth, beautiful contours that reveal the natural grains. 2-3 hours of precise handwork goes into each heel and outsole.

The upper seems to be a composite of leather and SuperFabric with a single strap and laces.

NOBULL athlete Brooke Ence was actually the first to tease the show on Instagram, posting a photo of herself power snatching in them just a couple hours before @nobullproject put up the first official image.

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No word yet on price or release date (but our guess is they won’t be cheap).

What do you think of the NOBULL lifters so far?