22 Year Old Cailer Woolam Deadlifts 900 Pounds at 206 lbs Bodyweight (Hookgrip, RAW!)

We didn’t want to finish off 2016 without one more incredible deadlift video, and thanks to Cailer Woolam, we aren’t disappointed.

The 22 year old Woolam — who we’ve seen compete around 220lbs before — just posted this INSANE video of a new raw deadlift PR. 900 solid pounds, raw and in sumo-style, with a hook grip.

And he completed the lift weighing in at a mere 206 pounds, which may very well put Woolam among the best pound-for-pound deadlifters in the world.

A video posted by Cailer Woolam (@cailerc40) on

We don’t have a side view of the lift, so it’s a biiiit tough to judge lockout here, and there’s no telling if he could currently replicate the pull up to judged competition standards. Woolam’s best competition deadlift is around 804 pounds, and his bench and squat numbers — while strong for a man of his size — aren’t world-level elite by any means. So perhaps that’s why we haven’t heard his name said alongside the likes of Yury Belkin, Dan Green, Kevin Oak, and other fantastic 220-pounders (and the list certainly doesn’t stop there).

It’s worth reiterating that Woolam is still just 22 years old, technically a Junior in powerlifting. We’re excited to see if his deadlift can keep on the up-and-up over the next few years, as well as if he can get his squat and bench numbers higher to up his total.

One thing is certainly clear, though: The man is just BUILT for deadlifting.