Aleksey Torokhtiy Hits 245kg Power Jerk, Is Still Technically “Retired”

Ukrainian weightlifter Aleksey Torokhtiy has the most coveted title in his sport: Olympic gold medalist. And while the 2012 London Olympic Champion in the 105kg weight class is technically “retired” from international competition, he’s still incredibly active in the sport. Torokhtiy posts regular content online to YouTube and Facebook, including loads of free training programs and corresponding videos. Basically, he’s putting  his huge weightlifting brain online for the world to pick through. He’ll even (occasionally) respond to fans and followers directly on social media, giving them tips on form as well as words of encouragement.

Okay, but enough about that. Let’s get to his 245kg power jerk.

Yep, that’s a “retired” athlete (though still just 29 years old) going overhead with just 1kg less than the world record in his weight class (held by Ilya Ilyin and set at the 2015 President’s Cup with a 246kg clean & jerk — though Ilyin won’t be competing anytime soon…).

Next up for the Ukrainian coach and weightlifting “influencer”? (Yeah, that term pains us, too, but we can’t think of anything much better to describe him…maybe sport ambassador?) Jerking 250kg, which Torokhtiy has already started preparing for (and chronicling) in his next series of videos. Needless to say, we’ll keep you updated if he hits it.

And though he hasn’t officially committed yet, Torokhtiy is on the invite list to Dmitry Klokov’s second annual Power Weekend in Moscow this November. In case you didn’t catch last year’s Power Weekend, it’s an informal competition where active and retired lifters can show off their skills in less commonly tested training lifts, like front squats, hang snatches, and… jerks from the rack.

If Torokhtiy can keep it up, he may have a shot at taking that last event, even against some of the world’s strongest superheavyweights.