420 Kilograms: Is This the Most Weight Ever Lifted On a Safety Squat Bar?

When it comes to an impressive sports and strength sports resume, Alex Simon is an athlete to be idolized. He’s not only one of the top powerlifters in the world, but he’s also held the Australia’s strongest man accolade, and is now an undefeated MMA fighter. And while, Simon may not be stepping on the platform anytime soon, he continues to move weight that drops jaws of athletes around the world.

From his latest video, Simon squats 420kg (925 lbs) with a safety squat bar, which is a weight that’s relatively unheard of with this style barbell. In fact, he even pokes the question in his Instagram video’s description saying, “420kg safety bar squat!!! I want to know if anyone has ever squatted more than this weight on the safety bar, this was the heaviest weight I ever did on the safety bar, was fairly comfortable”

And if the weight wasn’t impressive enough, Simon walks out the weight and squatted it like it’s nothing — watch the bar oscillate and bounce on his back. Also, keep in mind Simon fights MMA full-time now.

We’re not definitely saying this is the heaviest squat ever done with a safety squat bar, but we couldn’t find any feats that match the epic proportions of this lift. And by all means, if you know of an athlete hitting a weight heavier or comparable to this lift, then please feel free to send it out our way.

[Watch Simon back squat 425kg (935 lbs) and win his last three fights with knockouts in under 55-seconds of total fight time!]

In terms of safety squat bar lifts that come close to Simon’s feat, we do recall a strong squat triple of 365kg (804 lbs) shared about a day ago from Blaine Sumner, which another commenter also mentioned under Simon’s post.

Hopefully someone can send over another comparable heavy safety squat that comes close to Simon’s, otherwise, he may in fact now hold the heaviest squat ever performed with this style bar.

Feature image from @godlystrong Instagram page.