Andrew Herbert Squats 415kg (915 lbs) for a Double (15 lbs Over All-Time WR)

Powerlifter Andrew Herbert is pushing new limits in his latest training videos. Less than four weeks out from the Kern US Open, Herbert recently hit one of his heaviest wrapped doubles to date. In the video below, Herbert squats a massive 415kg (915 lbs).

Herbert is set to compete in a stacked 110kg (242 lb) weight class, and judging from his latest video he’s showing promise of potentially taking down the current 110kg (242 lb) all-time world record. In Herbert’s video’s description he writes,

“415kg/915lbs for a dub. 3 weeks to clean this up. Huge thanks to @friffstar for the wraps and all the help. Also to the #squad @bossbarbellclub for the spots and support.”

The current 110kg (242 lb) all-time world record squat in wraps currently stands at 408kg (900 lbs). With three more weeks of training and cleaning, we have no doubt that Herbert can take down this record and make it his own.

This meet is a big deal for Herbert, as he’s spent all of last year rehabbing an injury that he experienced in April 2017 at the CETC US Open. At this meet, Herbert was on course to record one of his best competitions of his career. He finished with a 400kg (881 lb) squat and was cruising through the bench press when he experienced an injury and couldn’t complete his deadlifts.

In Herbert’s recap post he writes, “Meet recap: Squats went well with my top squat being 400kg/881lbs, which is second in the squat rankings. Bench was going ok until my third attempt, where my left tricep tendon decided to rupture from my elbow, and take a little piece of bone with it. I want to thank everybody for all the support and well wishes I’ve received since then. It’s one of the amazing things about this sport and the people in it.”

“Don’t call it a comeback” couldn’t ring more true. With his latest squat videos exceeding the current all-time world record, we’re excited to see what Herbert is able to total come meet day.

Feature image from @herbietheluvbug Instagram page.