19 Year Old Artur Polutranko Deadlifts 300kg (660 lbs)

Artur Polutranko is a German strength athlete who competes in bodybuilding. Nine months ago Polutranko took third at the German Nationals Juniors +75kg weight class in bodybuilding. He’s now in his off season, which is coming to an end soon, but not before he moves big weight.

Polutranko’s most recent off season training video highlights three insanely heavy conventional deadlifts. The first pull was 240kg (528 lbs), which flew off the ground. His second pull was 270kg (594 lbs), and then he finished with a huge 300kg (660 lb) deadlift.

For every deadlift attempt Polutranko wore straps without a belt. It’s also important to note that his final 300kg attempt had some hitching. While this lift wouldn’t count in a powerlifting meet, Polutranko isn’t training for powerlifting, and the lift is still impressive at such a young age.

Another awesome video highlighting Polutranko’s deadlift is a Strength Wars clip from his YouTube channel. This video entails strength athletes deadlifting 220kg for as many reps as possible.

Polutranko finished with 19 reps, which was second behind the first place 20. Yes, these deadlifts weren’t the prettiest in form and involved hitching, but that’s a lot of volume with heavy weight.

His squat is equally as impressive in strength for his age. Seven weeks ago Polutranko uploaded a video to his Instagram page high-bar squatting 240kg (528 lbs) for six reps. The depth was great for each squat and he only wore a belt for assistance.

While none of these videos post a current bodyweight, there’s no arguing the fact that Polutranko is one strong teenager. It would be interesting to see how Polutranko would fair in a regulated powerlifting meet and what weight class he would be in.

Whether you agree with his form during his heavy deadlifts or not, Polutranko still deserves some credit for moving big weight.

Feature image: Screenshot from Artur Polutranko YouTube Channel.