17-Year-Old Powerlifter Austin White Squats a Massive 661lb PR

Check out Austin White's impressive squat PR!

Powerlifter Austin White may be just 17 years old, but he’s quickly distinguishing himself as a young strength phenom. Take what he did this past week for example…

The man showed off an impressive squat personal best of 661 pounds, or 300 kilograms. The last time he mentioned his weight on Instagram he was 225 pounds, so this is pushing triple bodyweight. White crushed this squat during his training session at the Canada Games Complex in Ontario, and posted on Instagram about how seriously pumped up he was about hitting this big time number.

“Absolutely stoked with this after another amazing block with Sam Shethar [White’s trainer].”


White last competed in 2018 when he lifted in the -205lbs weight class. According to Open Powerlifting, his competition bests were at the Westman Rocked Wheat Meet 3 last year in April, where he squatted 584.2 lbs, bench pressed 341.7 lbs, and deadlifted 633.8 lbs for a 1,559.7 lbs total.

From last year, to now, it’s pretty obvious that White’s improvements have been massive. His squat leaped from 584.2 lbs to 661 lbs, which is a solid 76.8 lbs more.

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Something tells us this number for White won’t remain a PR for long. In his most recent Instagram post White weighed in at 225 lbs, which is a big leap in weight since he was competing at -205lb a year ago. And it’s not just his squat that he’s working on — his most recent PR in the raw bench press was a massive 405 pounds, which you can check out below.


We’re not sure when his next competition will be, but from his clear dedication in the gym and the sheer potential he’s demonstrating by hitting these numbers at the young age of 17, we’re excited to see what other impressive personal records he’ll hit soon.

Feature image from @awpwrlift Instagram page.