The BarBend 20

Photo courtesy of HYBRID Performance Method

Stefi Cohen

Cohen’s raw strength alone is enough to earn her a spot on this list. In February of 2020, the Physical Therapist smoked three new all-time world records in the women’s 51-kilogram weight class — 202.5-kilogram squat, a 205-kilogram deadlift, and a total of 510 kilograms. By doing so, she brought her total number of powerlifting records held up to 25. The 28-year old practically has a record for every year she’s been alive.

And that’s just in the competitions. Cohen, who owns and operates Hybrid Performance, is known for putting up insane in-gym lifts. She’s deadlifted 501 pounds for four reps and, in the Animal Cage at the Arnold Classic, has pulled 545 and squatted 495. If you’ve been around the strength sports block for a while, though, none of this is new information.

Through the good and the bad — and Cohen admits to being burnt out in 2020 — the Venezuelan powerlifter educates and encourages her followers. In other words: She’s not just another strong person. Through powerful portraits and honest words, Cohen encourages her audience to love themselves — and others.