Best Booty Shorts

Comfort. Fit. Material. Look. There are a lot of factors to consider when looking for a new pair of booty shorts. But how do you find the BEST booty shorts — for you?

Fortunately, plenty of athletes have faced the same purchasing dilemma, and they were kind enough to share their thoughts and opinions. We reached out to top weightlifters, CrossFit® athletes, strongwomen, and powerlifters to get their thoughts on finding that perfect pair.

Here are their top picks.

Note: The opinions and picks below are from the athletes and have not been changed by BarBend. Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

Best Booty Shorts for CrossFit®-Style Workouts and Functional Fitness

Elizabeth Adams, Multi-Time Reebok CrossFit Games Regionals Competitor

Favorite Booty Shorts: Nike Pro Combat

“When it comes to booty shorts the Nike Pro Combat are my go to. The cut of the short is very important especially in CrossFit when you’re constantly moving, squatting etc. The Pro Combats don’t ride up and the waste band is very comfortable. They’re tight but they don’t cut off circulation. I find them to be the most comfortable booty short, plus I think they look good.”

Best Booty Shorts for Weightlifting

Kristin Pope, Weightlifter and Member of Team Juggernaut

Favorite Booty Shorts: Virus International

“I like the Virus ones best – smaller waist but long enough/leg holes big enough.. I feel like they are designed for the CrossFit/Weightlifting body best haha!

[I like] FLEO also, but I can only wear the longer ones which is only [available in] a few styles.”

Allison Schuster, Weightlifter and Member of Mash Mafia

Favorite Booty Shorts: Nike Pro 2″ Shorts

“I actually love the fit of the Nike [Pro] 2″ shorts! They don’t ride up and fit perfect. They also aren’t super tight on the top so I can breathe and my stomach doesn’t get squished lol.”

Best Booty Shorts for Powerlifting/Strongwoman

Charity Witt, Record Holding Powerlifter and Strongwoman

Favorite Booty Shorts: FLEO and Reebok

“I like the FLEO shorts and the Reebok CrossFit shorts. I’m not sure what company they work with on their shorts though. I like the FLEO because there’s a 4-way stretch and they aren’t tight around my thighs at all. Same goes for the Reebok ones. Super comfy and they don’t cut into my hips at all. However, I know that the booty scrunch and heart stitching on the back is super popular right now.

That being said, I’ve heard that the company Born Primitive has great booty shorts and they work with other companies for putting their logos on any product!”

Cara Brennan, Strongwoman, Writer, and Coach

Favorite Booty Shorts: Champion C9

“I’ve tried a couple of big name brands that, while aesthetically pleasing, didn’t quite hold my carriage in place the way I prefer during Strongman training and lifting (ie, I don’t want to have to adjust my wedgie after every single set). Nike Pro shorts didn’t do it for me and slid around a lot, but Champion’s C9 ‘Freedom shorts’, available at Target, are great and inexpensive. They are only available in black (which is fine for me, goth kid for life), but they are worth getting too pairs because you’ll wear them all the time. Athleta also makes some really high quality shorts that will not budge once they’re on, and while they are pricier, will last far longer than something like the Champions. ”

Best Booty Shorts for Outdoor and Bodyweight Training

Lindsay Camerik, Calisthenics Athlete, Writer, Coach

Favorite Booty Shorts: Lululemon Wunder Short

“As an athlete who frequently trains outdoors in the brutal Australian sun, a good pair of training shorts is an integral part of my wardrobe. While I used to be a Nike Pro devotee (I literally had over 10 different pairs), I have since discovered the Wunder Short from Lululemon, which are hands-down my favorite shorts to train in.

Now I have sacrificed my collection of Nike Pro’s and replaced them with just two pairs of Wunder Shorts (that’s how durable they are). While they are on the short side (even by booty short standards), you’ll never experience any kind of wardrobe malfunction in them, no matter what type of training you do. They can be made high waisted or low rise, and they even have a sneaky pocket in the back to hold cards or a device for listening to music during your workout.

And while Nike Pro’s come in every color combination you could dream of, Wunder Shorts come in solid, neutral colors (black, white, grey) and patterns that are much more versatile. They are the perfect shorts for both inside the gym and outside the gym.”

Best Booty Shorts for Running

Ali Feller, Marathoner, Blogger at Ali on the Run, and Host of the Ali on the Run Show podcast

Favorite Booty Shorts: Lululemon What the Sport Short

“I am forever indebted to Lululemon for creating the What the Sport Short — but I will forever be upset with the brand for discontinuing the shorts a year ago. (Fortunately you can still snag them on sites like Ebay and Poshmark — and for cheaper than the $60+ at which they retailed.) These shorts are #flawless in every way: The elastic waistband is wide without being suffocating, and hits right at the belly-button, so the shorts suck you in a bit and without digging at your sides. And the best part: These shorts have two big pockets. And they’re sizable enough to fit an iPhone! (Definitely the 6. I’ll let you know if they fit a 7 if I ever upgrade.) At their prime, the shorts also came in tons of fun colors and patterns, though I’m a sucker for basic, no-sweat-to-see-here black.”

What are your favorite workout shorts? Let us know in the comments below!