Athleta Van Huffelen

The Untold History of the Overhead Press

The Military Press is undoubtedly one of weightlifting’s most elusive challenges. Done correctly, and with strict form, the Press can humble even the greatest ego. Done incorrectly, the Press turns into a vertebrae and gravity defying lean with little...
Jeison Lopez Olympic weightlifting

IWF Executive Board Approves Weightlifting’s New Bodyweight Categories

The International Weightlifting Federation has released their long awaited new weight classes. In a short post entitled “New Bodyweight Categories Approved by the IWF Executive Board,” the IWF announced, Ten (10) new bodyweight categories for women and ten (10) new categories...

A Guide to Robi Points, the IWF’s New Replacement for Sinclair

When USA Weightlifting released their new selection procedures for the Tokyo Olympics, there was one line that received particular focus: as of June 2018, the International Weightlifting Federation compares individual results across weight categories with his or her Robi...
Hsu Shu-Ching 2015 WWC

Happy Retirement: Watch the 4 Best Performances of Weightlifter Hsu Shu-Ching

At a press conference on June 5th one of Taiwan’s most celebrated weightlifters, Hsu Shu-Ching, officially announced her retirement at age 27. The -53kg Olympic gold medalist cited accumulated knee and elbow injuries saying, I am still recovering from serious injuries...
Sarah Robles Olympics

USA Weightlifting Releases New Selection Procedures for Tokyo Olympics

USA Weightlifting has some news: their procedures for selecting the weightlifters who will compete in Tokyo have been approved by the United States Olympic Committee. They published their new procedures on TeamUSA.org, and when we asked what has changed since...

Sympathetic Vs Parasympathetic: Why Every Athlete Needs to Understand the Difference

What if you could will yourself to absorb food better? OK, that sounds like magic, but — and we promise there’s science supporting this — in two minutes and without leaving your chair you can purposefully put your body...
Clarence Kennedy Hits Three Clean Singles.

Clarence Kennedy Smokes Three 215kg (474 lb) Clean Singles

It's been a while since we've written about Irish weightlifter Clarence Kennedy crushing big weight. In fact, it's been over a few months, and the last time we featured Kennedy was back in January when he smoked this 290kg (640...
Wes Kitts 212kg clean and jerk

-105kg Weightlifter Wes Kitts Wins Gold at 2018 Pan Ams

Wes Kitts has done it. After earning silver at last year’s Pan American Weightlifting Championships, the 27-year-old weightlifter returned to the contest to take first place in the extremely competitive -105kg weight class. Kitts, who is coached by Dave Spitz...
CJ Cummings & Caitlin Hogan Pan Am Championships

CJ Cummings Sets American Records, Caitlin Hogan Takes Silver At Pan Ams

Currently, USA Weightlifting is in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic competing at the 2018 Senior Pan American Weightlifting Championships. The competition kicked off May 12th and runs through May 18th, so if you haven't checked out the live stream, then there's...
women pull-up

A Ladies’ Guide to Your First Pull-Up

It's possibly the most difficult bodyweight movement for women to learn. One of the fundamental building blocks of many calisthenic movements. The white rabbit many of us have been chasing through the metaphorical wonderland known as the gym for...


USA Weightlifting Announces Reno to Host First American Open Series Event

In an announcement posted on October 28th, USA Weightlifting (USAW) announced the inaugural event of the American Open Series will take place next March...

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