Watch Chakera Holcomb’s Monstrous 601 lb Deadlift World Record

In the world of powerlifting, Texas based lifter Chakera Holcomb is a force to be reckoned with. She’s been lifting since her freshman year of high school and has since become a multi–time (and all-time) world record holder in both the women’s 181 and 198 lb weight classes.

This past weekend at the LA Fit Expo, Holcomb reminded everyone of how great she truly is. She competed in the American Cup, which was hosted by the United States Air Force, and was a USPA event. To finish off an epic meet in the 198 lb (90kg) weight class, Holcomb deadlifted a massive 601 lbs, which is — to our knowledge — the most a non-superheavyweight female powerlifter has ever lifted raw in a sanctioned powerlifting competition.

Check out the 601 lb deadlift video below.

And to make her meet even more impressive, this wasn’t Holcomb’s only all time world record set on the day; it was her third. She had already set a new record with a 524 lb squat, and after this deadlift broke the previous 198 lb total record by over 200 lbs, an unheard of feat.

In her Instagram video’s description above she writes, “601lbs @ 186lbs bodyweight. I went 9/9 today at tha LA Fit Expo totaling 1478 raw in sleeves, breaking the 90kg raw ATWR total by over 200lbs. I broke the 90kg ATWR squat with a 524lb attempt, then bench pressed 352lbs, and ended the day with the largest raw deadlift of all time by any woman of any size.

Yes there was downward movement, I would have red lighted it. But after having good lifts red lighted in the past, I will take it. I broke three more ATWR’s making me a 7x ATWR holder, broke 8 IPL world records, 8 USPA National records, and 8 Texas State records.”

In lead up to the meet, Holcomb was also crushing big weight. Check out the video she shared on December 22nd where Holcomb deadlifted 562 lbs for three reps at 177 lbs bodyweight.

With multiple all time world records and now a heaviest-ever raw deadlift in competition to date, Holcomb has made another mark in the powerlifting history books.

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Feature image from @c.c_holcomb Instagram page.