Watch Powerlifter Christine Castro Squat a Mammoth 195kg/430lb

Castro hitting some big PRs before Canadian Powerlifting Union Nationals.

Christine Castro burst onto the powerlifting scene at 22 years old in 2015 in the -63kg weight class. She competed in four events of which she won all four, before moving up to compete in the -72kg class in 2017. That move paid off in a big way because her results in the last three years can only be described as dominant.

She has appeared in seven events as a -72kg athlete and has stood atop the podium in all but one of them; the highlight being her win at the North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) 2019 Pan American Powerlifting Championships. Castro has shown time and time again that she can move a humongous amount of weight on a barbell.

She just did so again with this post from her Instagram page below where she squats a huge 195kg/430lb, a full 10kg/22lb over her current competition personal record. Check it out:

It’s not clear what Castro’s body weight was at the time of this lift but it is still nearly three times her competition body weight.

Castro is planning to compete next at the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) Nationals taking place in two weeks on March 3rd-7th in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Not only is her squat well clear of her competition best, but her deadlifts are not too far behind. 

Earlier this month, Castro pulled a colossal 210kg/463lb paused deadlift PR. If you have not seen it yet, check it out below. It is as smooth as they come:

For context, her heaviest competition deadlift is 223kg/493lb.

If you were concerned that the bench press may be a possible weakness for Castro, think again. She surpassed her competition PR by 2.5kg/6lbs with this 100kg/220lb that she just pushed earlier this week:

With two weeks still to go until CPU Nationals, Castro is gearing up to potentially hit her best competition total ever. We’re excited to see if she does.


Who is Christine Castro?

Christine Castro is an accomplished powerlifter who competes in the -63kg and -72kg weight classes.

Some of her most notable competition wins are the NAPF 2019 Pan American Powerlifting Championships and the 2018 CPU Canadian Championship.

How old is Christine Castro?

Christine Castro was born in 1994. She made her powerlifting debut in 2015 at age 22 in the junior division of the CPU Evolve/LRP Open. She won gold at that event.

Feature image from Christine Castro Instagram page: @sneakersoverstilettos