Need a Lift? Watch CJ Cummings’ 2018 “Road to the Arnold” Video

“Do it again, do it again!”

Every yells in the gym before 17 year old 69kg weightlifer CJ Cummings runs and jumps to grab and hang on the rim of his high school’s basketball hoop. To the normal person, this seems like a reasonable high school jumping feat until you factor in that Cummings stands at a height of 5′ 2″ and the average basketball hoop is 10′ tall.

CJ Cummings is the next athlete that’s being featured in this year’s Rogue Fitness 2018 “Road to the Arnold” video series. In the video, Rogue Fitness follows Cummings throughout his day-to-day activities, which pretty much include school and working out.

“It’s like I’m the french fry monster, just like the Cookie Monster, I’m just like the french fry monster. Wendy’s has their fries I like those, Bojangles, I like those, I like McDonalds fries, their fries are good. All of them are good to me. I’m kinda getting hungry.” 

“I weigh about 152 [pounds] right now at the moment. My best snatch is 141kg, which is 310 lbs, and my best clean & jerk is 185kg, which is 407 lbs. My goal is to push hard and make it to the Olympics in 2020. It’s kind of a long ways from now, but I just gotta keep working and trusting the process and hopefully I’ll get there.” – CJ Cummings

Cummings will be competing in the 2018 American Open at the 2018 Arnold Classic. At the 2017 IWF World Championships, Cummings went 3-for-3 on the snatch and set a new senior, junior, and youth American record with his 141kg third attempt.

His best 185kg clean & jerk came from April 2017 at the 2017 Youth World Championships. This 185kg attempt also allowed him to push his youth world record even further. Check out the lift below.

After not posting a total at the 2017 IWF World Championships, we’re pumped to see what Cummings comes out and puts together at the Arnold Classic. Will we push his American records even further?

Feature image from Rogue Fitness YouTube channel.