CrossFit Agents Matt O’Keefe and Daniel Robbins Merge With Lab MGMT Agency

The merger "is about helping people and brands grow," according to O'Keefe.

Lab MGMT, an agency representing elite athletes in CrossFit, is joining forces with agents Matt O’Keefe and Daniel Robbins of Title Sports Group in a merger that will be live on Jan. 1, 2023.

The company’s name will remain Lab MGMT. The merger intends to ensure a strong team capable of providing the best possible representation for each athlete during their career and beyond.

“Combining our resources and growing our team will allow us to take care of more people in the long run,” O’Keefe wrote to BarBend via email. “And everything we do, and will do moving forward, is about helping people and brands grow.”

The company aims to branch out into traditional sports while staying true to its roots within CrossFit.

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The Future of Lab MGMT

Going forward, there are four co-owners at Lab: Jason St. Clair, Matt O’Keefe, Cooper Mash, and Daniel Robbins. Each one provided BarBend with their perspective on the merger via email.

St. Clair started Lab MGMT in 2012, with Josh Bridges and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet as the earliest clients. As a former professional baseball player and MLB agent, St. Clair knows that it takes a dedicated team on the marketing side of things to build an athlete’s brand.

“After 10 years of experience from both sides in this space, there is an opportunity to bring more heads together and give our clients the best opportunities to help build athlete ‘brands’ that will continue to grow beyond their career,” St. Clair wrote. “I am excited to create one of the best communities of athlete representation and thrilled to continue to help the ecosystem grow.”

O’Keefe is the most high-profile of this group, at least when it comes to CrossFit. He’s been involved on the agency side of the sport with four CrossFit Games champions (Mat Fraser, Tia-Clair Toomey, Katrín Davíðsdóttir, and Justin Medeiros) while they were amid their championship runs.

“This has been a long time coming,” O’Keefe wrote about the merger. “I have known Jason and Cooper for a long time and have a ton of admiration and respect for them, both professionally and personally. We are perfectly aligned on culture, values, and people. We are making this move because, together as one team, it’s better for the people we care for in our work.”

Marsh was mentored under St. Clair for three years before taking the reins of Lab MGMT. He has helped expand the company into traditional sports and built the CrossFit roster, where he has found himself for the past two years.

“I am honored to get into the trenches with Daniel and O’Keefe, alongside my longtime mentor and partner, Jason [St. Clair],” Marsh wrote. “We have been working towards becoming an elite, all-inclusive sports marketing agency, and I think this helps us pool resources to continue on that journey.”

Robbins started off interning for O’Keefe before he worked his way into a role as a full-time agent. He now leads their roster of athletes and will continue in a similar role.

“We are at a point where if we want to grow for our clients, we will need to scale the business, and this is a great opportunity to do that with good people,” Robbins wrote. “Our goal is to maximize opportunities and growth for our clients. Merging gives us the ability to grow into other sports and double down on our presence in the CrossFit space.”

The Rest of the Team

Currently, two other agents are working at Lab MGMT: Zach Long and Deb Graff. They work alongside Michelle Lee, who is responsible for business development.

Although there are four owners, Marsh and Robbins seem to be the more forward facing, while St.Clair and O’Keefe will be in more supporting roles behind the scenes.

“Cooper and Daniel are the future. They have already accomplished a ton in their careers as agents,” O’Keefe wrote. “They are truly world-class. I know I speak for Jason when I say our role is to support them where they need us and get out of the way to give them space to grow with our team. A lot of the work you have seen from us over the years has their fingerprints all over it.”

Marsh shared that there will likely be a significant addition to the roster soon, but he was not ready to provide any more details.

Here is the current roster of CrossFit athletes that Lab represents:

CrossFit Women CrossFit Men
Alexis Raptis Brent Fikowski
Amanda Barnhart Christian Harris
Anikha Greer Cole Sager
Bethany Shadburne Dallin Pepper
Brooke Wells Jake Marconi
Colleen Fotsch Jayson Hopper
Danielle Brandon Josh Bridges
Ellie Turner Justin Medeiros
Emma Cary Nick Mathew
Fee Saghafi Patrick Vellner
Stephanie Chung Mat Fraser
Sydney Wells David Bradley
Katrin Davidsdottir  
Lauren Fisher  
Kristi O’Connell  
Baylee Rayl  
Annie Thorisdottir  

“Lab currently does marketing representation for baseball, golf, and soccer players, as well as Olympians,” Marsh wrote. “Our goal is to continue to build in traditional sports, as well as action sports, all while still keeping a strong presence in CrossFit as it is a massive passion for us.”

Here is the current roster of non-CrossFit athletes at Lab:

Outside CrossFit
Scott Stallings – Golf
Josh Hader – Baseball
Mattie Rogers – Olympic Lifting
Georganne Moline – Track and Field
Brittany Wilson – Soccer
Rob Kearney – Strongman

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