CrossFit Games South Region Day 2: Tennil Reed, Collins, and Leaderboard Changes

One day remains in the 2017 CrossFit® Games South Regional and it appears the leaderboard has had its fair share of shifts. Unlike the East Regional, the South’s men’s and women’s individual top fives have almost all changed.

After day one, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet was commanding the number one spot, but has since shifted to second, as Tennil Reed put on a stellar performance through events three and four. Reed’s first and third place finishes edged out the 2014 CrossFit Games Champ from her top spot, but can she maintain it through the final day?

[Currently, event five is underway for the individual competitors, read here to learn how to watch the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games Regionals!]

Below Reed and Leblanc-Bazinet fall three new faces in the top five from the first day. Third place is commanded by Games hopeful Bethany Branham, while fourth and fifth place are headed by 4-time Games veteran Margaux Alvarez and hopeful Brista Mayfield.

For the men, Logan Collins is still at the front of the pack, as his three and second place finishes through event three and four have helped push him 31 points above second. Below him falls Games veteran Dakota Rager (up one spot), Elijah Muhammad (up three spots), Travis Williams (down two spots), and Tommy Vinas (down one spot).

Thankfully the Southern Region has made it relatively unscathed thus far in terms of reported injuries. The Eastern Region has seen multiple injuries.

We’ve embedded the South Individual Event 4 video below in this article.

The top 5 standings after Day 1 for Women, Men, and Teams are below:


1. Tennil Reed
2. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
3. Bethany Branham
4. Margeaux Alvarez
5 Brista Mayfield


1. Logan Collins
2. Dakota Rager
3. Elijah Muhammad
4. Travis Williams
5. Tommy Vinas


1. Wasatch Brutes
2. Bigg Friends
3. Salt Lake City CF
4. CrossFit Omnia
5. Pillar CrossFit

Coverage continues throughout the day at the Alama Dome in San Antonio, Texas.

Feature image screenshot from CrossFit® YouTube channel.