Dallas Norris’s New All-Time World Record Squat Is Stirring Up Controversy (UPDATED)

South Carolina-based powerlifter Dallas Norris has pulled off what may be a new all-time world record in the raw squat with knee wraps: 355 kilograms, or 782.6 pounds, at 82kg (181 pounds) bodyweight.

The lift took place in the 365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation’s East Regionals over the weekend. 365SWPF has tested and untested divisions, and Norris competed as an untested athlete. He managed a 170-kilogram (374.8 pound) bench press and a deadlift of 275 kilograms (606.3 pounds) for an even total of 800 kilograms (1,763.7 pounds).

You can watch the squat below.


He must have been feeling good after the squat, because his next attempt was 375kg (826.7 pounds), which he missed. This passed the judges’ standards, which would mean that it has overtaken Amit Sapir’s very recent squat world record of 345.9 kilograms (762.5 pounds).

it’s worth pointing out that there’s some controversy surrounding the lift online.

The arguments are that the lift is too high, not properly locked out at the start and the finish, and there’s little control over the bar. It’s always hard to tell depth from this camera angle, and Norris himself took to Reddit to dispute the allegations.

Let me get this straight…

Bar was under control on both the start (there was a wait for the start command) and it was held at lockout.

What you Internet judges fail to see is that it was 95 degrees in there and at the start of the squat the bar slid down my back. That was the reason for the shakiness.

Funny enough I was able to hold 40 lbs more than this for the start of my next squat, and missed the transition.

I’m trying to find a side video, but me worrying about having multiple angles isn’t something I really am thinking about when I’m handling other lifters and setting world records.

Depth. No matter how deep I took it same sh*t would get said. Going super deep does nothing but waste energy.

This is also the only angle we have of the lift, but here’s another pretty heavy squat of Norris’s from October last year: 367.5 kilograms, or 810 pounds.


Norris got three white lights from the judges on both of these lifts, so the case is settled as far as the 365 Strong World Powerlifting Federation is concerned. In any case, this was an enormous amount of weight for a human being to move, and we congratulate Norris on his effort.

Update: Dallas Norris has made a statement asking that this squat be nullified.

The Tuesday after this lift, Norris took to Facebook to write a lengthy post in which he asked 365SPF and Powerlifting Watch to nullify the squat.

It’s not because I agree that’s it’s high, or a bad squat. I am capable of hitting that weight 7 days a week and on a good day I’d probably triple it.

I don’t have to worry about not obtaining that record. I’ll compete again with the advantages of 3M and a Mono, and put a number in the 8’s at 181 (With a good side camera view for all the judges that can’t attend in person).

That was the plan anyway this past weekend and I really had a crappy meet. I am a good enough lifter that I can replicate what I do, and am not some one hit wonder. (…)

I’d rather not be known for the guy that had the most controversial squat. I’d rather be known for the guy that was good enough to do it twice just because he knew he could.

Featured image via @norrisstrong on Instagram.