Dan Green Presses 374 for an Easy 11-Reps Post-Surgery

Dan “The Boss” Green, 34, is one of the more elite powerlifters in both the 110kg and 100kg weight class. As of recently, Green has been a little more quiet on social media and unless you follow him directly you may be wondering why.

In the second week of January Green underwent surgery to repair a partially torn right quad tendon.

In a Facebook video shared on January 27th, Green wrote briefly on the injury stating, “It’s been partially torn for 18 months, but got worse last October to where it wasn’t just painful, but unstable and debilitating and I had to withdraw from some competitions and address the injury. No lower body training yet, but till then…Everyday is bench day!”

Currently, Green’s best bench presses in competition are 237.5kg (523.5 lb) at 110kg and 227.5kg (501 lb) at 100kg. He’s stated previously that benching isn’t his strongest lift, but with everyday being bench day, maybe we’ll see new maxes in 2017.

Today Green shared a video of him pressing 170kg (374 lbs) for 11-reps. While this isn’t a record breaking lift, keep in mind he has no hip/leg drive and is essentially lacking two quality points of contact.

Regardless how you feel on the weight of the press, the bench looked easy and strong for being less than a month post-surgery.

While Green hasn’t shared an exact date in which he can squat and pull again, his wife Sparkle provided a little insight in one of her Instagram photos. In the photo description she writes, “Dan is recovering and will soon begin Physical Therapy. All together it’s about a 12-week recovery process. But you never know.”

Someone’s recovery rate is always dependent on their body’s abilities and sometimes the doctor’s estimated time can vary. From what Sparkle’s photo shared and how Green is still lifting and making the most of his time, then there could be hope that the 12-week recovery process will go smoothly and be enough.

Hopefully we see Green back under the bar in the spring of 2017. It’s never easy for a elite athlete to be sidelined, so we’re optimistic that Green will come back stronger than ever with more motivation and drive.

Feature image from @dangreenpowerlifter Instagram page.