Daniella Melo Squats 205kg (Only 1.5kg Under Her World Record) for Five Reps

Junior powerlifter Daniella Melo continues to show off an insane amount of strength under the bar. Still in her teenage years, Melo has continually pushed the IPF classic squat world record further and further. She holds the current -84kg women’s classic world record with her 206.5kg squat from the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships set this past July.

In her latest Instagram video, Melo is squatting a mere 1.5kg less than her world record, and moving the weight for a five rep PR. Melo writes in her video’s description, “205kg/451lbs x5 PR. depth is meh but this angle doesn’t help either. Also I’ve never missed depth in comp so I’m not worried.” 

Check out her strong squat video below.


Melo is currently in prep to compete at the Arnold Sports Festival, which is taking place this year from March 1-4th in Columbus, Ohio. With almost two months left in her meet prep, she’s squatting less than 5 lbs under her world record for reps. What will she set come meet day in March? We’re excited to wait and see.

If you follow Melo on Instagram, then this set may not come as a huge surprise to you, as she’s been consistently putting up strong 5-rep squats for the last couple months. A week ago, she hit 200kg for five reps, check it out below.

The current IPF -84kg women’s classic total world record sits at 537.5kg. If Melo hits a new world record squat (let’s say 210kg), deadlifts over 205kg (which she does consistently), and benches over 115kg (another feat she consistently hits), then she’ll be dangerously close, if not well over, the total world record.

Obviously, this is all speculation, as we’re still a fair amount out from the meet, but it’s a thought worth considering. What numbers will Melo push when it comes to step on the platform? Time will tell.

Feature image screenshot from @daniellamelo Instagram page.