Dmytro Semenenko (105kg) Squats 405kg (891 lbs) for Two Reps In Wraps

This may be the craziest set of squats we’ve seen thus far in 2018. If you don’t already know Ukrainian powerlifter Dmytro Semenenko, then be prepared to have your mind blown. He competes in the -105kg weight class and just made one of the heaviest squat sets we’ve seen in wraps at his weight.

In his last Instagram video, Sememenko squats a ridiculous 405kg (891 lbs) for two reps in wraps. That’s a weight nearly 4x his bodyweight for two reps, and he made the squats look easy with good depth. Check out the video below.

And thank you to Texas powerlifter @sarah_helenn for bringing this squat to our attention and sending it our way. In Semenenko’s Instagram description (translated by the Instagram app) he writes, “Preparations for the championship of Ukraine 2018. Squats in some bandages 405 kg for 2 times PR, watch this to count the weight. Personal record squat 405×2.” 

In the video’s comments section, American powerlifting world record holder Blaine Sumner wrote, “This is one the most insane squats ever. Maybe the most. Wtf.”

Back in late November, we wrote on Semenenko’s epic performance at the 2017 IPF Open World Championships, and it somewhat flew under the radar in regards to getting a ton of attention. At this performance, Semenenko squatted an insane 445.5kg (982.1 lbs) for a new equipped world record at a bodyweight of 104.98kg.

To add to this lift’s impressiveness, it was the heaviest squat out of the whole Open World Championships competition — regardless of weight class — by 25.5kg (56.2 lbs). Check out Semenenko’s world record squat below.

With his latest video, Semenenko builds his case as being one of the best squatters ever in the -105kg weight class. He nearly eclipsed 1,000 lbs equipped in November, and is closing in on 900 lbs raw. It’s going to be exciting to watch and report on what Semenenko ends up doing at the Ukraine Championships.

Feature image screenshot from @semenenko_dmnytro Instagram page.