Eddie Hall Wins 5th Straight Britain’s Strongest Man

Over the weekend, Eddie Hall took home his 5th straight title at the 2018 Britain’s Strongest Man. This year’s contest was held on January 27th in Sheffield, a borough in South Yorkshire, England. Many had predicted Hall to take home first as he has in previous years, along with professional strongman Laurence Shahlaei.

In Hall’s lastest Instagram post he writes, “Won my 5th Britains Strongest man title by 7 points yesterday, was a tough comp with a good mix of events and considering I couldn’t deadlift 200kg 2 months ago from a severe hip injury I’m very happy to have finished 1st…. Next up:- EUROPES STRONGEST MAN The Beast  vs THOR”


Check out the final placings below of the thirteen athletes who competed this weekend.

1. Eddie Hall
2. Graham Hicks
3. Terry Hollands
4. Adam Bishop
5. Paul Smith
6. Luke Stoltman
7. Mark Felix
8. Mark Steele
9. Aaron Page
10. Ben Brunning
11. Ken Nowicki
12-T. Tom Stoltman
12-T. Daniel McElroy

Hall ended up taking home first place in three of the six events, which included the log medley, deadlift, and Atlas Stones. Graham Hicks, finishing only seven points behind Hall, also displayed a strong performance. He took home first in the Super Yoke, and was fairly consistent throughout the other events, and finished either second or third place with the exception of the Loading Race’s 6th place finish.

Hollands and Bishop tied for points at 54, but Hollands ended up edging Bishop out due to a count back. What does a count back mean in strongman scoring? If there’s a tie, then judges will go through each event to see who scored consistently the highest, and in this scenario it was Hollands.

Rookie Paul Smith finished 5th with 50 points, and recorded a fairly consistent performance. He took home first in the Front Hammer Hold, and topped Hall’s second place finish by 5 seconds.

Feature image screenshot from Strength Asylum Facebook page.