Eddie Hall Incline Presses 242 Pound Dumbbells

His road to a 700 pound bench press is back on.

In a new YouTube video titled “World’s Heaviest Incline Dumbbell Press,” 2017 World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall goes through a chest training session at the Strength Asylum gym in the UK. The video features Hall performing an incline dumbbell press with 100 kg (220 pound) dumbbells that have an additional 10 kg (22 pounds) taped on each for a grand total of 110 kg (242 pounds) on each dumbbell.

Hall starts the session by stating that he has renews his commitment to achieving a 700 pound (317 kg) bench press. At one point he was pursuing the all-time world record in the raw bench press which is currently owned by Julius Maddox.

He begins the session with the flat bench itself, performing sets up to a top weight of 140 kg (308 pounds) before moving on to the incline dumbbell press movement. He performs sets with progressively heavier weight before reaching the 100 kg dumbbells. He would eventually tape 5 kg plates onto each side of both dumbbells and sets them up on benches around his area. With the help of two spotters handing the “custom” weights to him, he successfully completes one rep. He then attempts a second but instead drops the weights to the floor.

Due to the length of the dumbbells with the plates taped on, Hall compared the lift to doing something similar to a log press. He had to turn the dumbbells at an angle so he could lower them the proper distance before pressing.

Afterwards, Hall talks about believing that his accomplishment was a world record, surpassing Larry Wheels 107.5 kg (237 pounds) effort. He also calls out Wheels’ and challenges him to match or surpass this feat.

“So, Mr. Larry Wheels. Up the ante, buddy, I believe you had 107.5 kg so come at me, bro.”
While Hall’s lift is impressive and shows that he is still very strong despite not competing since his World’s Strongest Man victory, there is actually no official world record recognized by any governing body for this particular lift.

Hall documents the rest of the workout in the rest of the video which included machine chest presses, stretch pushups with his hand on plates, and triceps work.

Featured Image: Instagram/eddiehallwsm