Eddie Hall and Mark Felix Set New Partner Deadlift World Record

In case you ever wondered how much two humans could pick up off the ground, we have at least a ballpark answer: 850kg/1873lbs. And that answer comes to us thanks to veteran strongmen/world-class deadlifters Eddie Hall and Mark Felix.

After a back-and-forth battle with Terry Holland and Lawrence Shahlaei at the World’s Ultimate Strongest Team, Hall and Felix pulled the massive weight to help cap their overall victory across events:

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The English superduo also pulled 825kg a few minutes prior, which (at the time) broke the previous tandem/partner deadlift world record. Now, we’ll have to wait to see how long thier 850kg lift holds up.

The world of partner strongman competitions is pretty wild, and it gets even crazier with events like the log press. At the same event, Holland and Shahlaei won, and we’ve embedded the video below. It’s one of the more interesting/strangest pressing setups we’ve ever seen.

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We don’t see partner deadlifts tested that often when it comes to the world’s strongest pullers, so chances are this may be the top mark for a year or more to come. Sure, we see partner deadlifts popping up pretty commonly in CrossFit team competitions, but they’re normally for reps and/or as static holds. Seeing some of the world’s largest strength athletes pull max loads with straps allowed? Now that’s something completely different than the spectacles at Regionals or the CrossFit Games.

In case you wanted some more ridiculous partner feats of strength, check out the current world record partner clean & jerk from German weightlifters Almir Velagic and Matthias Steiner. Spoiler alert: They take roughly 730 pounds from the ground to overhead as a dynamic, fast-moving European duo.