Powerlifter Enahoro Asein Holds 330kg/727lb Deadlift for Six Seconds

An absolutely colossal lift at only ~81kg body weight.

The last time we covered Enahoro “Rocket Man” Asein last December, he was just 19 years old and crushing 325kg/716lb deadlifts at about -83kg/183lb. (His impressive lifting speed is likely one of the reasons he got his nickname.) To this day, Asein has an air of mystery about him as he has yet to appear on the competition platform. But while his competition maxes remain a mystery, Asein has certainly shown us some impressive feats.

Check out this monumental 330kg/727lb deadlift by Asein that he shared on his Instagram page:


Asein apparently lost a couple of pounds and decided to add them to the barbell because he was -81kg/178.5lb at the time of this lift. If this lift had been done in an International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) competition, it would be the second heaviest deadlift ever in the -83kg weight class in the junior division.

Of course, almost as impressive as the lift itself was the six-second hold at the top of a pull that is four times his body weight. Please feel free to watch the video again and count for yourself, it is just as impressive a second time around.

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Holding at the top seems to be an important facet of Asein’s training. Check out his post from a couple weeks ago where he pauses a 235kg/716.5lb deadlift before holding the lockout for four seconds (the deadlift is right after the squat in the video):


Two weeks prior to that, Asein paused a 320kg/705lb deadlift and held at the top for a full five seconds.


As huge as these lifts are and with the speed he is pulling them, Asein has a maintained a mindset of never being satisfied. In this post he writes:

“Honestly, not my best paused work.”

It may be shooting to high, even for the “Rocket Man”, but if Asein were to continue to add weight to his deadlifts at his current pace, he could attempt the 360kg/800lb milestone by this time next year. If we’re lucky, we might see him make his competitive debut first.

Feature image from Enahoro Asein’s Instagram page: @ena.pl_