Check Out This Epic Split/Squat Jerk Combo Save

When Olympic lifts go wrong, there’s often not a whole lot we can do to save them. This becomes increasingly true in competition when you factor in fatigue and nerves. Yet, every once in a while you stumble across athletes like Russian weightlifter Yarkin Vyacheslav who persevere to make the epic save.

Russian weightlifter and strength coach Yarkin Vladislav recently shared a video on Instagram that highlights Vyacheslav making the epic split and squat jerk combo save we’re referencing. The video below features the insane 170kg clean & jerk save.

“Original video which was previously shared was removed by author.”

In the video’s description Vladislav writes in Russian, “Пример упорства,” which translates to “Example of perseverance” in English. We have to agree, this video may be the definition of perseverance under the bar.

In competition, it’s uncommon to see athletes able to keep their composure to save a jerk that’s edging towards the back. We’d argue that’s it’s even less common – at least we haven’t seen it – to see an athlete drop into a squat jerk to further make the save.

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This epic unplanned split squat jerk combo save has weightlifters from all walks of competition tipping their hats to this athlete. This video reminded us of Icelandic weightlifter Thuridur Helgadottir’s recent double save.

Her save was much more controversial than the above splot jerk, but it did earn her three white lights. If you watch closely, her back knee never officially makes contact with the ground making it a good lift.

We’ve seen our fair share of crazy weightlifting saves over the last few months, but this video may take the cake in terms of craziest. When 170kg is going off the back, we don’t know many athletes like Vladislav that can improvise a save by dropping into a squat jerk.

Feature image screenshot from @syarkin1 Instagram page.