Watch Gerald Dionio Crush a 410 lb Pause Bench PR at 153 lbs Bodyweight

Gerald Dionio, or “Tiny_n_Tuff” as he goes by on Instagram, is currently in prep for his next meet, and he’s putting up big weight. Dionio will be competing alongside some of the best in powerlifting at the SPF Reebok Record Breakers meet set to begin on November 11th in Dublin, California.

Dionio is no stranger to putting up big weight, and his recent paused bench PR proves this point. Check out his latest 410 lb paused bench PR that he shared yesterday on his Instagram page. This was a lifetime PR, but his speed looked pretty good throughout the whole movement, so will he able to hit more in three weeks at the meet?

In his Instagram post Dionio writes, “HUGE Lifetime Pause #Bench #PR 410lbs for single at 153bw. Last heavy push day… 20 Days out for Reebok Record Breakers Meet!!” 

The last all time bench press record set in Dionio’s weight class stands from 1985 and sits at 440 lbs. He still has a little ways to go, but Dionio’s displaying that he’s building up the capability to eventually make a run at the record. To top it off, he’s only 23 and is still a Junior lifter in powerlifting’s standards.

Over the last few years, Dionio has put up multiple commanding performances in the 148 lb weight class. In addition, he currently holds the all time world record for the 148 lb weight class in total with wraps at 1,592 lbs and sleeves at 1,565 lbs. On top of his latest bench PR, he’s been accomplishing some huge feats in his current prep.

Last week, he hit another lifetime PR with a 700 lb deadlift at 153 lbs bodyweight, which he points out wasn’t the cleanest, but plans to tackle and clean up by meet time.

In his post’s description he states, “Finally got that 700lbs goal I’ve been chasing for (another #PR) It’s not the prettiest but I’ll take it…lost balance at the top but the weight moved fast. It’ll be cleaner on meet day!! Less than 4 weeks out for the Reebok Record Breakers… time to dial things in. Sitting at 153bw.”

Going off Dionio’s latest prep videos, we’re optimistic that he’s going to accomplish some huge strength feats at SPF Reebok Record Breakers. Hopefully he’s able to hit the milestones he’s recently surpassed and shared.

Feature image screenshot from @tiny_n_tuff Instagram page. 

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

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