Gina Aversa Deadlifts 557 lbs at 165 lbs for All Time World Record

After 2016’s epic deadlift performances, we thought for sure we could deem it the year of the deadlifts, but we’re beginning to think 2017 may have topped it. Gina Aversa, or Ginahalfwolf as her Instagram handle states, is known for her insane deadlift strength, and now she can say she owns an all time world record.

Aversa recently competed at the SPF Reebok Record Breakers meet that took place on November 11-12th in California. She competed in the 165 lb weight class, and has officially staked her claim in the record books. Check out her strong 557 lb deadlift below, which is 3.37 times her bodyweight.

In Aversa’s video’s description she writes, “NEW ALL TIME DEADLIFT WR 556.7 at 165 after breaking lt with 549. Never thought I’d be able to call myself an all time record holder so I’m pretty stoked.”

Initially, Aversa broke the world record on her third deadlift attempt, which was a 549 lb pull (the previous record was held at 545 lbs). The 557 lbs was a fourth all time world record attempt, which a lifter can be awarded if they’re positioned to break a record, or hit a personal PR in some federations.

Aversa ended up totaling 1,282 lbs with a 553 wilks score, and recorded a 490 lb squat, 242 lb bench, and of course the 557 lb deadlift. This performance earned her the third best all time in the 165 lb weight class. To see her full meet’s final attempts, check out the video below Aversa shared earlier today.

In the video’s description Aversa writes, “Yesterday went much better than expected, mostly because I got to pet like 10 dogs, but the meet was pretty awesome too. @shortylifts with the dope vid. Ended with 490 squat, 242 bench, 557 deadlift (ATWR 4th attempt) 1282 total and 553 wilks, placing me 3rd all time in the 165 class
Added about 85lbs to my total since April and dropped a weight class (technically this is a 225lbs increase from the last time I competed in the 165 class).”

This was a huge meet for Versa with a ton of notable PRs, and she went head-to-head against one of powerlifting’s all time greats Kristy Hawkins. With a new world record, we’re excited to see what 2018 holds for this elite powerlifter.

Feature image screenshot from @ginahalfwolf Instagram page.