Hafthor Bjornsson Deadlifts 480kg (1,058 Pounds) with No Suit

The ASC Champion also predict what he will do in Columbus.

In a YouTube video posted on February 15, 2018 World’s Strongest Man Hafthor Bjornsson completed a deadlift that he calls an unofficial world record. He completed a pull of 480 kg (1,058 pounds) which for him isn’t only a personal best in training but he also says it’s an unofficial world record for raw deadlifting.

In this case, Bjornsson is referring to not using a deadlift suit when completing the pull. He still uses lifting straps which is not allowed in raw powerlifting. He had performed several warm-up singles leading up to the big lift. He referred to the final lift as “easy” after the fact. The weight itself is 6 kg more than he lifted to win the Elephant Bar Deadlift event in last year’s Arnold Strongman Classic. The reigning two-time champion lifted 474 kg (1,045 pounds) in last year’s contest which gave him the win in that event. He would go on to win the entire competition as well.

In his comments following the lift, Bjornsson goes on to discuss his plans for the deadlifting portion of the 2020 ASC. He didn’t talk about how he would open that portion of the contest but did discuss what he has in mind for his second attempt.

“I’m not going to say my first attempt but my second attempt will be 475 kg. That’s a competition PB. Even though I have more in the tank, I want to play it by the feeling, you know? I’ll probably win it with that number. So with that saying, I want to see how I feel going into the third attempt, you know? Obviously I’m aiming on winning the whole show. So, like everything else, I’m human. I might have some issues, it’s the fourth event. I have to hold myself back if I need to but that’s only if I need to. If I’m leading the show comfortably, then f*** it, I’m going for 501.”

The “501” is in reference to 501 kg (1,104 pounds) which would break Eddie Hall’s all-time record of the strongman deadlift which he set in 2016 by 1 kg. It should be noted that Hall’s mark was set with a different barbell than the one Bjornsson and his fellow ASC competitors will use in Ohio.

The Rogue Elephant bar is nine feet long and has more bend to it when heavier weight is being pulled. Hall also wore a deadlift suit when he pulled his lift.

If Bjornsson does go for 501 kg this year, it will be his second attempt at the mark. He tried to complete the lift at the 2019 ASC but failed to get the weight past his knees. This training session has been considered successful by Bjornsson. He had previously completed a 455 kg (1,003 pound) double in his preparation for his title defense.

Featured Image: Instagram/thorbjornsson