Hidetada Yamagishi Wins in Dallas, Qualifies for Olympia

The Japanese bodybuilding superstar was the clear choice this past weekend.

There aren’t many shows that have the 212 pound division as the headlining contest, but when the athletes in that division are in the main event, you can be sure those in attendance will be treated to seeing great physiques in action.

That was definitely the case in Dallas, Texas with the Europa Dallas show. The 212 was one of the three IFBB Pro League being showcased but the winner of that division was what made the headlines.

Winner – Hidetada Yamagishi

Yamagishi is a longtime veteran of the stage and while he is definitely in the second half of his career, many have considered the Japanese fan favorite past his prime and no longer a top-level competitor. He put those doubts to rest for now as he takes his 4th win of his career and will move on to the 2019 Olympia this coming September. Condition and presentation are what always sets him apart from the field and that was the case here. He may not have been his best ever but he was the best on this day.

2nd – Mahmood Al Durrah

Al Durrah had good definition but needs to improve his calves and his arms look smaller when he hit certain poses like the front lat spread. This can affect the overall flow of his physique which may have led to the judges favoring Yamagishi.

3rd – Santi Aragon

Aragon is a great bodybuilder but was simply smaller than the two that placed ahead of him. He will simply have to add on some size while maintaining his shape and symmetry if he wants to take on the likes of Yamagishi and other elite pros in the division.

Europa Dallas 212 Top 6

Winner – Hidetada Yamagishi
2nd – Mahmood Al Durrah
3rd – Santi Aragon
4th – Jose Reyes
5th – Edward Papiro
6th – Alex Dos Anjos

Other Notes

As mentioned, Yamagishi is now qualified for the 212 Olympia Showdown thanks to his win. He joins other notable athletes such as Derek Lunsford, Kamal Elgargni, and Ahmad Ashkanani that will look to take the title that as the new champion that will succeed Flex Lewis, who retired from the division in 2018.

Harold Kelley, the reigning Olympia Wheelchair champ, takes the win here for that division in a three-man field over Antoni Khandraoui and Bradley Betts.

In the Figure division, Sandra Grajales leaves the event with a win followed by Tiffani Lapoint as the runner-up. Ashley Jones was third.

Featured image from @hideyamagishi, photo by @baileyimage