Hunter Labrada Wins Pro Bodybuilding Debut in Tampa

Pro bodybuilding is back.

For the first time since March’s Arnold Classic, the IFBB Pro League held a professional bodybuilding show. The 2020 Tampa Pro took place and featured ten divisions. The main event was the men’s Open division on Saturday night. When the final placings were announced, Hunter Labrada left with the sword, prize money, and the qualification for the 2020 Mr. Olympia.

1st Place – Hunter Labrada

This is the first time that the second generation bodybuilder has been onstage since winning the 2018 NPC Nationals championship. He was larger and in better condition here than he was at that contest. Much like his legendary father, Lee Labrada, Hunter’s presentation was also well received by those that could be in attendance. He has already committed to competing at the 2020 Olympia now that he has earned his position.

2nd Place – Iain Valliere

Valliere certainly didn’t make this contest an easy one to judge. This was arguably his best look since debuting in 2015. Unfortunately for him, the judges didn’t vote in his favor. His tanning may have been an issue because he was darker at the finals. He has yet to earn his first pro victory but if he keeps showing up as lean and big as he did here, it will likely come sooner rather than later.

3rd Place – Dwayne Walker

Walker surprised everyone with the way he showed up. His front double biceps pose really stood out in this lineup. His weakness appeared to be from the back, especially his hamstrings. Nonetheless, his showing upset many experts’ predictions for how this show was going to go.

Open Top 6

1st – Hunter Labrada
2nd – Iain Valliere
3rd – Dwayne Walker
4th – Phil Clahar
5th – Ronald Gordan
6th – Dorian Haywood

212 Division

The other major headline going into this weekend was the 212 division debut of George Peterson and he certainly didn’t disappoint. He was the clear winner of this contest even though it was his first time competing at this weight. When he competed in Classic Physique, we would weigh around 190 pounds. The runner-up position went to Dedric Bo Lewis. Rounding out the Top 3 was Derik Oslan. Other division winners at this contest are below.

Classic Physique – Deontrai Campbell
Men’s Physique – Andre Ferguson
Fitness – Ariel Khadr
Figure – Latoyia Farley
Bikini – Jennifer Dorie
Women’s Physique – Ivie Rhein
Women’s Bodybuilding – LaDawn McDay
Wellness – Rene Harshley

The next men’s Open contest is the 2020 New York Pro which is scheduled to take place on September 5th. Should it still take place, the headline going into that event is the return of Evan Centopani after a four-year absence from the stage.

Featured Image: Instagram/npcnewsonlineofficial