Isabella von Weissenberg Squats 155kg for an Accidental 10-Rep PR

When you stray away from your daily workout plan, you’re usually left with two possible outcomes. One, it could go very well and you end up surprised, and two, it goes horribly wrong and you’re left kicking yourself for straying from your plan. Fortunately, for the -72kg Swedish powerlifter Isabella von Weissenberg, she experienced the first outcome during her latest workout.

As opposed to doing her planned six triples at 155kg, Weissenberg seems to have said, ‘Screw it,’ and went for 10 reps on her third set. She wrote in her Instagram description that she was feeling unmotivated that day, so she decided to stray from her plan and hit a new PR. Check out the video below.

In her Instagram post’s description she also wrote, “At some point during the set I actually heard my inner self going, “This is what I live for!!!” LOL. 😂😂 I’m not saying throwing the game plan in the trash can was a good idea, but I’m not saying I regret it either. 😎 Looks like two sets in the movie cause camera man thought I was only doing three reps, but managed to klick record again when I kept going.”

Her post may not be incredibly shocking, but I think it’s cool seeing a world record holder like herself, shed light on the fact that not every gym day is going to be perfect. Plus, she turned an unmotivated gym day into a new personal record day.

Weissenberg is known for her strong squat and deadlift strength, and being a dominant force in the -72kg women’s weight class. She currently holds the -72kg IPF Raw Open Women’s World Record for the squat, which she set in March with an easy 192.5kg (424lb) squat.

Given how fast the above squat moved, we’re excited to see what numbers Weissenberg will continue to put up as the year progresses.

Her recent post is great because it shines a light on the fact that even the strongest lifters have the occasional off day. Yet, every off day has the potential to be a great, and Weissenberg proves that with her big 10-rep PR.

Feature image from @ivweissenberg Instagram page.